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Third Person POV
If someone tells you that there's a light when you die, they're lying. After you take your last breath, everything goes silent as you transition into the spirit realm. Then, everything can be heard again.

You can hear the cries from the ones you love or the laughs from your killer. The person would be totally oblivious to the fact that they are a spirit until they try to sit up and look behind them.

The spirit would notice that their body was still laying in the same exact position they were, except you could see your body now.

Nicolette didn't have to wait to realize she was dead. She felt herself leaving as she sat up and moved away from her body. Malcom coddled her head and slammed his fist into the wall after Seth shook his head.

The room was charred from the blast and Denali's body was nowhere to be seen. The blast should've disintegrated Nicolette's body, but it was still there. Her body was covered in scars. As a werewolf, she should've healed with no blemishes, but the constant torture made it hard to heal her body.

If Nicolette actually died, technically she should be with her parents. When she died momentarily, she saw them so why wasn't she there now?

"Nicolette, you can't leave now," Malcom sobbed. "This pack needs a queen and you—you are the perfect queen."

"Nicolette," Nicolette heard someone say. She turned around to see who called her and saw her father. Tears ran down her face as she stared at him. Nicolette didn't want to believe she was dead even though she knew it. "Your mother helped you choose last time, now it's my turn."

"Damn it," Lucas yelled. He threw his hand into the wall and Seth ran his hand over his face. "If we were prepared we could've protected her."

There was a gloom over the room as they all stared at Nicolette's body. Nicolette stared at her limp body. It was the sacrifice made so that the pack could be free. If she didn't kill herself in the process, the royal pack could have been taken over by Denali.

The amount of control that she would have over all of the werewolves would be catastrophic. The power Nicolette holds exceeds any magical being in the world. She is the power of the three main beings and now she is dead. Her power was the middle of all three factions. Now, there would be no stability to even them out.

Vampires, witches, and werewolves have been seeking Nicolette's power for years. Malcom never looked because he was shielded from any knowledge about the tribrid, Denali made sure of it. Instead, Denali started the search on her own. When she met Zaine, her mission to find the Tribrid was put aside to start a family with Zaine.

When Denali looked into the future for Amelia, she accidentally stumbled upon the tribrid, her child. Everyone assumed that the tribrid had been alive for centuries, but she hadn't been born yet. In an old legend, it is said that there would be a war over the great tribrid. The vampires, witches, and werewolves would fight to make them royalty.

Denali's plan was to capture Nicolette before anyone could find her and steal her power. With Nicolette's power, she could take over all the factions and rule all of them. Henry was sent to collect her 500 years ago, but came back empty handed.

The search for Nicolette never stopped though. Denali tried to use magic to find her, but every time she seemed close to finding her, she disappeared

"Nicolette, you can make a choice. The amount of power that has been returned to you can be used to bring you back, or you could be at peace," Derek told Nicolette. If Nicolette chose peace, she would leave this pack and her duty to Malcom. There is a chance that he could be given a second chance mate, but the trauma of watching his first mate die may affect his wolf. Nicolette was glad she closed the link so that Malcom wouldn't feel the pain.

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