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The redhead laid on the cold medical bed.

She slowly sat up to seeing the curly boy sleeping in a chair next to her.

She smiled at herself seeing him drool a little, and she started to looked around.

Light blue curtains, the ones that stained the memories of the redhead's mind.

The smell of hand sanitizer, the one kind that filled the air.

"What are you doing up Freckles?"
The curly boy said getting up.

"Well how can I ever truly sleep in a hospital? Go back to sleep Blythe."

She slowly got up, feeling an aching pain in her stomach.

"Sit back down."

She doesn't hesitate to disagree with the pain.

"Fine, but go back to sleep, you look like you haven't slept."

"You just got into an accident and your worrying about me, the one and only Anne Shirley would do such a thing."

"Oh shut up, just keep some sleep."

"Nope, can't sleep, already awake."

"Yeah right, and why didn't you sleep last night anyways?"
She said poking the cords she was hooked up to.

He looked down and mumbled.
"I couldn't sleep knowing that your hurt..."

"The one and only Blythe? Worrying about me? I could never."
She said sarcastically, but secretly loving it.

"Well honestly I don't think I could ever sleep in a hospital..."
His voice ached, with memories of his father.

"Oh, I'm sorry, that was insensitive of me, I-''

"Shirley, it's ok, that was a long time ago. I'm just glad your safe."

"Thanks.. get some sleep now."

"Fine, you too."


"Do you think Anne's okay?"
The blonde haired girl paced back and forth.

"She's fine, hey hey, look at me."
The boy she liked looked her in the eye, just grabbing her by the shoulders.

"She's going to be okay."

The bleak chairs rained down on the friends as they waited for their redhead friend.

The raven haired girl shifted her head a bit on her French boy's shoulder.

She felt herself cling to the warmth of his jacket.

"Bonjour Beau.."

She felt her eyes slowly open.

"Morning Jerry."
She quickly lifting her head from his shoulder.

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