Chapter 2

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Blue's pov.

Gini suddenly opened the door to the living room, crying out my name as she discovered shard pieces of glass scattered across the floor.

Oh no, did she realize that I was listening in on her conversation? I am so dead.

Expecting to find the vein in the middle of her forehead swelling in anger I was shocked to find her eyes filled with concern.

"Oh honey, are you okay? What happened?" She asked as her eyes gave me a once over.

What is happening? Am I missing something? I couldn't ask the questions I wanted to.

"Did you hurt yourself?" I heard Jack call out, jumping up from the couch.

"No...I'm alright."

Why do they look so... concerned?

"Be careful next time. You know how much we love you," he prompted, giving me a warm smile.

Love? You have got to be kidding me.

"Yeah..." I said hesitantly.

"Hello." I heard the unfamiliar voice of a woman speak up from behind Jack and Gini.

Looking over Jack's shoulder I noticed a woman in a white business suit standing there. She looked well-kept with her hazel brown hair styled in a chignon but it was her deep blue eyes that made her stand out.

She looked to be about in her late twenties.

"I'm Diana, Diana Miller. You must be Blue," she held out her hand for me to shake.

"Hi," She gave me a sweet smile as I gently shook her hand.

"You're really pretty."

"Thank you, sweetheart," she said smiling at me, this time revealing her pearly whites.

Who is she and why is she being so nice to me?

"Remember that promise we made Blue?" Jack queried, his eyes unreadable.


What promise?

"You came to us asking if you could get a job this summer but we said no because we didn't feel that it was safe. Well, we couldn't bear to see how upset you were so we promised you we would think about it and we have, your father and I have decided to give it a chance. It is at a summer school where you would be able to learn as well." Gini explained and I looked at her with confusion.

"Isn't that right princess?" Jack asked, sarcasm dripping from the word princess.

Diana walked closer and placed her hand on my shoulder. "Are you okay Blue? You seem confused."

"I-" I started.

I felt the death glares of Jack and Gini boring into the side of my skull.

"Yeah...I'm fine," I told her.

"Alright. I'm the head manager and organizer of Lavender Heights Summer School. After your parents requested me to consider offering you a job at the school I took a look at your file. Your grades are exceptional and I would love for you to work with us. If you're interested you would also be able to take part in the activities and classes we have to offer," she stated.

"Yes. Sure," I said. "I'd love that."

She seems really nice and I hate that my foster parents lied and had me lie too.

"Well then, I have to run, it was a pleasure meeting you all," she said clasping her hands together and turning to me. "You can start next week Monday."

"It was a pleasure to meet you too Ms. Miller," Gini stepped forward. "We will see you out."

I sat down onto the plush sofa. Several moments later I heard the front door shut and footsteps making their way towards me.

"Who gave you permission to sit on our couch?" Gini's shrill voice rang in my ears.

"Huh?" she took me by my hair and pulled me off the couch.

The pain made me dizzy. It caused a burning sensation on my scalp. I cringed, the pain from the force almost had me pass out.

"Listen here bitch, your whole life you have been living off of us, now you are old enough to get a job and earn some money. We are not asking but telling you that you will work at the summer school you useless piece of shit," she barked.

"What!" I whisper yelled.

"Are you deaf?", she said, bringing her hand down onto my left cheek and slapping me hard.

It stung.

I held my cheek as Jack forced me to look up at him, he's hand gripping my jawbone.

"You will go to that summer school and all the money you earn will come to us, you are not allowed to use a single cent of that money because it is ours. We may not be there to keep an eye on you but if you try anything we will know," he said making me tremble with fear.

"When you get there you will tell everyone that you wanted this job and you are excited about it. You came to us and said that you wanted to experience working. GET THAT?", he spoke through clenched teeth.

I decided to stay quiet, too scared to say anything.

His hand tightened on my jaw, "YES OR NO?"

"Y-yes," I said. "I get it."

Jack abruptly let go of my jaw causing me to stumble back.

"Such a useless, worthless bastard." I heard Gini say from behind me as they walked away.

I felt bile rise up in my throat, my head throbbing, feeling like it weighed a ton.

I was now alone with my thoughts. The voices in my head kept whispering.

You are so useless.

You are so worthless.

They don't want you.

No one wants you.

Maybe you should just go ahead and end it all?

"Stop, please stop," I muttered curling into a ball before darkness invaded.






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