Chapter 15(Meeting time of her life)

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Isabella teleported outside the headquarters of Golden Dawn, with all the appointed stuffs that William asked her to bring. It was now 10:30 am. She climbed the stairs, noticing the color of her squad captain, Alecdora and another man that she can't recognize. However, she can feel his Mana, it was strong.

William noticed her approaching with the grocery, "Isabella! You're here."

Isabella smiled, "Greetings Sir, please pardon me and my tardiness."

William sweetly smiled at her, "Not at all, my dear." Alecdora was now gaping at what he called her. The man in red robes chuckled, "in fact you came just in time."

Isabella was now standing in front of the man in red robe. The man faced her, smiling. He had short yellowish golden hairs, purple eyes and a necklace that contains three sort of elemental badges. Isabella could only see the man's silhouette. It was pure white with beautiful markings of clock. His color had a glimpse of blue and gold around him. She can see a whole load of clocks and pendulums and other things relating to it.

In other words, she was looking at time itself.

She then remembered the old woman she encountered earlier. She could have sworn she was looking at a huge man instead of tiny old lady. In fact this was the same man...

Isabella was staring at him what felt like forever. The things that Isabella bought were now taken from her hand by a squad member. William noticed Isabella not moving. The man in red looks at the girl in concern.

"Is something the matter, dear?" The man asked.

Isabella snapped at shook her head, "No, I'm sorry for staring at you like that. It's just..." Isabella blinked, looking at him in awe, "Your Mana... and your color... it's so beautiful."

Both the man and William gave confused looks, "What do you mean?" the man asked.

"I was about to tell you about her, Julius." William smiled at the man, "This is Isabella, one of the examine from this year's entrance exams. She received offers from all the captains. And choose our squad."

Julius smiled, "My, congratulations William." He then turned to Isabella who was now looking at William, or his chest? She was actually looking straight, not any specific direction. He looks at William, who gave a sad smile.

"Unfortunately, she's blind."

Julius' eyes widened at that. He looks back at the blind girl who was now looking at Julius' direction. The man was in shock. To say he was astonished, he was also impressed by the strange beauty. The girl was a puzzle to him.

His eyes began to sparkle gold stars, "What! You're blind!" he began to talk like a fan boy, "How? You got to tell me all about it. Another magnificent magic user."

From one serious man, he became Asta. Isabella thought to herself as she looks at Julius.

"I'm sorry, but, who are you?" Isabella asked. The silence was like a pin drop.

Alecdora, of course took that as an insult, "How could you not-"

William beat him to it as he gave a firm look, "It's alright Alecdora. She had no idea who Julius is. Plus..." he gestured with his eyes to Isabella, indicating that she's blind. Alecdora remained quiet, not saying anything.

Julius laughed, "Oh it's alright dear..." He patted the girl's head, "I am Julius Novachrono. I'm also the 28th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom."

Isabella just stared at the man with her lips parted in awe, "You are the Wizard King. That's why you are so powerful. Your Mana is incredible. But your color... it's just... wow."

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