Im sorry, what?

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Rayna's POV

         " I need to talk to you ." He rub the back of his neck and I can feel the tension in the room thicken .
"Uh sure, come in." He walks into my room and I pat space on the bed next to me . He sits down and we sit in silence for a moment , me fidgeting with my hands and him lost in thought.
"I've been trying to tell you this for a while , but I wasn't really sure how to say it."
"Why didn't you just tell me ? I'm sure whatever it is can't be that bad ." I say jokingly trying to lighten the atmosphere I had finally gotten used to him so him acting so cautious around me right now was scaring me.
"Rayna I-... just promise me that you won't freak out." 

Hes really starting to scare me , there's no way it's that bad he's probably just over reacting.
"Aloud, say it. " my tone sounding impatient as worry becomes evident in my voice.
He takes a deep breath in before standing in front of me . "Rayna , I'm a wolf."


I stared at him in disbelief for what seemed like forever before I busted out laughing .
"Alois you're horrible at playing pranks , I was so worried it was something actually serious next time you might want to try something believable , like you got a girl pregnant." I say in between laughter . I look up the meet his eyes expecting to see a smile or something . 

Nothing .

 His face was void of emotions . "Rayna I'm serious ." I just kept laughing before wiping the tear from my eye " whew okay so what were you seriously going to tell me ." 

"Rayna I'm serious , I'm not playing around ." He growls slightly irritated at me not taking the situation serious , but what did he want me to do ? He made me wait two days like there was some big conspiracy going on just for him to say some bad joke about being a wolf when he's clearly human . 

"Show me than  Fido ." He glared at me for the name before pinching the bridge of his nose.

  " Don't call me that ." 

"Show me , I'll believe you if you show me ." He looks lost in thought for a moment before sighing and backing up . "Just ..please don't run away ." 

I roll my eyes and nod before he instructs me to turn around . 

A minute or so passes and I don't hear anything I'm about to turn back around when the sound of something cracking and popping comes from behind me freezing me in my spot . 

I see a large shadow looming over me which causes me to tense . After the sounds stop I slowly find the courage  to turn around . 

Only to be struck with fear at the sight in front of me . I backed up against the walls staring at the spot where Alois used to Be , keywords being "used to be "

 Instead in his place stood a wolf bigger than the typical wolf size , it was pitch black except for a strange silver symbol on its backside , it was like a my little pony mark but way more dangerous looking . Why does it look familiar ? 

  Of course it's more dangerous Rayna it's a fucking wolf . I felt myself slowly hyperventilate as the wolf stalked towards me , it's Dark eyes showing fear as it stopped moving at the sound of my whimper . It stared at me for a few moments as If asking if it could come closer .  Hesitantly I pushed myself to the edge of the bed reaching  for it , it slowly walked towards me until it's big nose was under my hand . The wolf nuzzled into my hand and there they were again the sparks... its as if those sparks reminded me that this truly was Al 

 The wolf closed its eyes shut them as if it was Enjoying the contact . I retracted my hands after running my hands through it's soft fur . Clearing my throat I began to speak . 

"Ahem...Alois?" The big black creature lifted its head tilting it to the side looking like a confused puppy. " could you maybe ...change back ." I say hesitantly trying my hardest not to anger it, it could literally rip me in two with minimal effort. It whined softly before nudging me , I take that as A sign to turn around and I do . Once again I hear the sounds of bones cracking and popping into place before I feel a familiar hand gently touch my shoulder making me freeze in place , he retracts his hand as if he had burned me and I hear him take a few steps back .

 "Rayna I-" I interrupt him . 

"Who else knew ." I know my voice sounded a bit harsh but right now I just didn't care .
"Rayna .."
"No Alois, who.else.knew." He sighs before looking down as he pulls up his sweatshorts.
"Pretty much everyone Rayna , the school is full of supernaturals you were the only human ." As he says this my blood runs cold . I was the only one ? That couldn't be true . Because what about Alex ? 

As if sensing what I was thinking he looks away causing me to clench my fist . So even Alex is a werewolf? I looked at Alois taking a deep breath " What else do you need to say , you look like you're not done ." 

Which is true , he still looked nervous and tense as if that wasn't the biggest thing he had to tell me . " Well, us wolves have this thing called mates , they're like your other half and they complete you . They're hand selected by the Celestial Goddess for each other and they're pretty much meant to be together ." I looked at him dumbfounded to why he was telling me this until he struck me. He must've found his mate and it would be weird for both me and her to live here so he needs me gone , the thought made my heart hurt but I sucked in my tears and stared at him . " What day do you need me gone by? I can go take out a loan or stay with Alex for a little bit until I-." 

"Rayna I'm not kicking you out ." He says looking shocked and slightly hurt 

" Then why else would you be telling me ?" I ask him surely he can't expect me to stay here with him and his new mate or girlfriend or whatever . I get we're technically nothing but I just ...can't .

 "Alois it's fine just give me a date so I can get my stuff ready Ive been app-." I'm interrupted by the feeling of his lips pressing themselves on to mine . 

He grips my chin softly tilting my head upwards and I find myself melting into him , the kiss erupting sparks everywhere as I grip onto his arm for support to hold myself up . After a moment he pulls himself away my eyes trailing from his now swollen lips to his eyes now filled with love and determination. "Rayna I'm telling you this because you're mine , you're my mate."

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