Chapter 43

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"You are the source of my joy, the center of my world and
the whole of my heart ❤."

Author's p.o.v

Minahil came back whistling.

"Who was there?"
Tooba asked being curious.

"Saaley sahab!!"

Neha asked.

Rehab and Yusha exchanged looks and stood straightening their shirts and advanced towards gate.

Saim was about to stand up when Ramza pull him back.

"Where? I don't have any brother."
She raised brow.

"Ohh yeah!"
He said and sat back on sofa with Ramza leaning on him.

"And my brother-in-law's are already here."
Zaroon whispered near Neha's ear and she turned around and gave him a confusing glare.

"Why in the world Arsalan Bhai will come in this atmosphere?"
Tooba said and ran towards gate.

Everyone went back to their lazy selves.

Their attention was drifted by Tooba's voice.

Haider, who was trying to sleep opened his eyes with a jolt and put his hands on his ears.

"Ya Allah! I beg you! Please lower down bhabhi's volume. Her voice can even wake dead bodies up."
He groaned looking at ceiling.

Everyone burst into laughter.

There they came.

Rehab and Yusha were busy talking with Shazam while Neha and Ramza ran towards Zara.

"When you returned from Dubai?"
Haider asked Shazam when they all seated on sofas and couches.

"Yesterday! But I am going back tonight."
Shazam said smiling.

"Why so early?"
Tooba said pouting and Rehab felt sudden urge kiss it but he composed himself.

"I have some things to take care of."
Shazam said smiling.

"Well let me tell you the main purpose of me coming here. Actually uncle Tariq was our dad's childhood friend. Yesterday he died in an accident."

Everyone gasped.

"So mom dad are at his place and won't return before two or three days. I was here yesterday it was not a problems but now when I have to go back so Zara will be whole alone at house. That's why I took her here. I guess you guys won't mind if she stays here?"

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