Chapter 3

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Alex's POV.

I sat in my room, busy with my phone when I heard Elijah calling out for me.

"Alex, get your ass down here!", he was yelling at the top of his lungs.

He sounded pissed off. Now what's got his panties in a twist?

He is my eldest brother, and he is really old. Like REALLY old.

But I know he cares for me alot.

I've never had parents, but Elijah is like a fatherly figure. He takes care of all of us, me and my 7 brothers.

I'm the youngest one.

Right now, he seemed really pissed of.

Now the thing is, he's really sweet and caring and all, but a sane person would know to not to get on his bad side.

He has anger issues, so we avoid making him upset. Not that he would hurt us though.

Sure we piss him off so many times, but making him agitated brings out the worst in him.

I quickly rush downstairs to see what's all the fuss about.

"What happened?", I asked completely oblivious of the situation.

Everyone seemed. . . tense.

Rayan and Chase, my brothers who are twins, were trying to tell me something by doing some weird eye movements.

"Don't you try and act innocent young man", Elijah barked right in my face.

"Man, you're spitting on my face", I said disgusted.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself.

"What's this?", he asked me as shoved some papers in my face.

I looked at them with wide eyes.


"Ahh... I uhh.. I can ex-explain", I laughed nervously while scratching the back of my head.

"You got a F-minus in your tests. F-FUCKING-MINUS!", he barked with a red face.

Oh God. This is not gonna end well.

"Ummm... but I got a D on my history paper", I said with my hands up in the air.

"That's because the teacher pitted you dumbfuck", he said with gritted teeth.

I think I just pissed him off even more.

"And you three, Rayan, Chase and Chris, you're grades are not so good either", he said shoving there report cards in their faces.

"But I got a C-plus on my english paper", Chris protested.

"THAT. DOES. NOT. COUNT!", he backed at him.

Why does he bark so much?

"And not just that, your teachers have also been complaining about your behavior. Rayan and Chase, you toilet papered your teacher's cabin and put nutella on it to make it look like poop!", he was way more angry now.

Wait what?

They did that? That's hilarious. Why didn't they tell me? I could've joined them.

"Don't you dare to do something like that. I'm gonna cut your allowance", Elijah said glaring at me.

Wait, did I say that out aloud?

Rayan and Chase were grinned at me. "Sure little bro", they said in unison.

Elijah gave them a death glare. They both became quiet and stepped back like puppets.

"And Chris, you knocked up your maths teacher. What the fuck am I supposed to even say to that", Elijah looked at Chris with a deadly look in his eyes.

"She was hot", he muttered.

Elijah closed his eyes and then, a few moments later he said something that no one of us saw coming.

"I've given you so many chances to stop this nonsense. But seems like, you want it the hard way. So me and Julian have decided to send you to a summer school", he smirked.

"HAHA, nice joke Elijah. Now come on, make it quick. How long are we grounded for?", Chris asked with a bored look.

"Start packing kids, I'm serious", Elijah replied.

"Wait you're really serious?", Rayan asked with a dubious look.

Elijah just smirked.

"WAIT WHAT? Nooo, you can't do that Lijah, you already know I'm going London for the summer", Chase said with a really worried look on his face.

"Oh don't worry, I already canceled it. I informed your princess girlfriend that you're not seeing her this summer", Elijah said while tapping on his phone.

"First of all, she's not my girlfriend. She's my friend. And secondly WHAT! How could you do that to me!?", Chase looked upset.

"Well, you bought it on yourself", he said as he started walking out of the living room.

I heard my brothers groan with frustration.

"No... you can't do this to me. I planned so much for this summer", I said loudly.

He threatened me to take away my summer before, but I ignored. Now I really regret my ignorance.

Elijah looked at me,"You should have thought about that before. And don't worry, I know you wanted a vacation, so you're going Miami for the next 2 months. Have fun. You can start packing because you're leaving in 3 days".

"But-", Chris was about to say something but Elijah cut him off.

"No buts, or else I am gonna cut your allowance for the next two months too", he said with a final look.

Chris just looked at him with frustration.

Then I heard someone laughing from behind. I looked behind me.

I saw Cayden, laughing at all of us with an amused expression.

"You're going too", Elijah said, much to his shock.

"Huh? But I got A and A-plus in every single one of my tests. EVERY FUCKING TEST!", he said completely stunned with Elijah.

"And how dare you curse at me? I'm your older brother. And you shouldn't be laughing at your brothers like that. And now, because of that cursing you are definitely GOING!", he barked with a note finality in his voice. And then he walked out.

"Yeah, I just told them Julian. And we need to make it five. Cayden's coming too", we heard him from the hallway.

"Whose laughing now? Ha!", Chris mocked Cayden with a smirk.

"Karma's a bitch", the twins said in unison and laughed at Cayden.

Cayden flared nostrils in anger and stomped upstairs to his room.


I guess I don't have much of a choice now.

"Ughhh, all my summer plans drowned", I groaned in my pillow.

I sighed.

I can't believe I actually feel pity for myself. But how can I not? This is so sad.

Only if I had the slightest clue that by the end of next month, I would be glad as fuck and actually thank Elijah for sending me to Miami.


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