Chapter 1

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Ever since our last mission, life had been full of anxiety and fear. Clara has finally snapped, and defied orders. I can't really blame her. What they did was horrible, but that was nowhere near what my next mission was.
Clara was the only one that kind of understood me, but she barely had a clue. I had extremely high walls that not even my best friend could break through, but she was getting pretty damn close before she died.
I sat at my guard post, miserable and ready to scream.
"Do you want to talk about it?" Dimitri my partner asked.
"She was my best friend," I said, "Why me?" I looked at him, slumping in my chair.
"They wanted to teach us all a lesson. They thought you were the only one that could beat her in combat." He shrugged.
"And they want me to bury her too. After they made me kill her."
"Maybe that's your punishment for not talking her out of it. It's not your fault, but they think you knew. You didn't, did you?"
"No!" I looked at him in disbelief. "How could I possibly know that she was plotting against us? She was smart to keep it hidden as long as she did."
"So are you going to bury her?"he asked.
"Yes of course. It'll be torture but I'll do it. And I'll do it alone."
"You sure?"he asked, "You know I'm here for you, as your new partner."
Dimitri was a really good friend, but even if I liked him, we could really never be friends. He would lay down his life for Hydra, while I was completely against them. I had been in Hydra's clutches ever since I was born. I had no idea who my parents were, and I didn't really care. The one thing I did know was that Hydra was evil and destructive. But I was smart enough (unlike Clara) to keep it to myself.
"I think I just need to be alone right now," I said to him. "Take the night off. I got it from here."
"He got up from his seat, and hugged me. "Hail Hydra," he said.
"Hail Hydra," I whispered back. And with that, he left me alone with the prisoners.
I picked up my gun and walked down the hall. There was a small lot today, but I heard they gave everyone a tough time.
One of them was a former Hydra agent, with a metal arm like me. I think I'm meant to be a counterpart , or partner of his, because he was called the Winter Soldier, while I was called S.O.S. It stood for Soldier of Summer. I never understood it, but I knew that there was an Autumn and Spring Soldier.
I don't know why they named us this, Spring Soldier doesn't sound menacing at all. But I didn't make that decision.
The other prisoners were disheveled and tired. One of them was a woman, with red hair and a good build. The second was a black, muscular man. The third, and by far the most impressive of the group ( not counting Winter), was blonde with a chiseled, angry face.
Everyone at Hydra knew who they were, that's why I was assigned guard duty that night. I also needed them for my plan.
I approached their cell, gun in hand. Wilson got up and pounded the bars of the cage. Before he screamed at me, his angry face turned to one of confusion. Everyone but Winter looked at me, obviously at a loss for why they were being guarded by a kid. Wilson quickly recovered.
"Let us go!"he screamed.
"Maybe," I said with a plain face. "Depends on whether or not you're willing to make a deal with me."
Steve and Natasha sat on the bed, hands on knees. Winter was curled up in a corner, shivering and crying. That confused me, but I wouldn't let that show.
Steve rushed over to comfort the man, rubbing his back telling him to calm down. Natasha walked up to the cell door. "What is this, kid?"she asked me.
"I can get you out of here," I said, "I can get you out of this place and back to where you need to be."
Sam raised an eyebrow. "What's in it for you? Money? Information? Because if-"
"Actually," I cut him off, "I want to help you. I want to help you destroy Hydra."
Winter stopped crying. He looked up at me with watery eyes. He slowly got up and staggered to the front of the cell. He grabbed the bar with his metal hand. Looking at me through his hair, he searched me for lies, and when he found none, he turned to Steve.
The all spoke quietly for a while, and I watched a spider crawl across the wall. They finally faced me. "What's your plan?" Steve asked.
I held up my mental hand in reassurance. "Leave that to me. I'm just waiting for a package."

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