Better left unsaid

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Raynas POV

      "You're mine , You're my mate." 

I stood there frozen in shock. I'm his ..mate? I backed up hurt welling you in me. 

"You're lying. It's not funny. I can't be your mate because I'm not a fucking werewolf Alois. Why would you lie to me what type of sick joke is this!" I screamed at him my voice cracking at the end as my eyes swell with tears threatening to spill over. He looked shock by my yelling but right now I didn't even care he was sick. "I'm leaving Alois starting tomorrow you'll never have to worry about me again . I'll talk to Ms.K about transferring me to another class for My Aiding period." he looked hurt as I said that and took a step forward trying to reach for me. 

  "Don't .Touch .me "I grit out turning my back to him as the tears begin to fall . Hugging my body I stare at my feet . "Just Go." I manage to get out
"Rayna please listen to m-"
"GET OUT" I scream at him . He stares at the back of my head and stays for a moment seeming hesitant to leave before quietly making his way to the door. I wait a few minutes to ensure he's gone before I fall to the ground in tears. I can't, I'm not good enough for him...

I know I may be over thinking but I cant help it .

Nothing ever goes well for me

 He just expects me to believe that now somethings finally going right ? 

I cant

I cant do it .

"Rayna you've got to Calm down. you're going to make yourself pass out again ."


 Alois POV

     My heart hurts and stomach churns as I listen to Raynas heart wrenching sobs from outside the door. My back slides down the wall next to her door as I rub my face . Why did this happen? Am I really that horrible of a person to be mated too ? I clench my first burying my face into my hands . What did I do? ...

"Captain, do you still want to interrogate the man? " Alex's voice interrupts my thoughts sounding annoying and I attempt to pull myself together."I'm on my way " I stand up taking one last look at the door of my mate. My heart pained to leave her in this state but I had to deal with the man that hurt her, the man that left those horrible scars on her beautiful mind and body.


      After 10 minutes I've made my way to the dungeon. I immediately mask my face of emotions and step in the building, two of my pack warriors bow to me as I walk past and I meet Demetri and Jax in the hallway in front of the door holding the man that caused Rayna so much pain. 

I feel my eyes begin to darken slightly and demetri rests a hand on my shoulder. "Calm down, Alex is already worked up and about to kill him if he sees you like this he's going to snap." He's right, Alex is like my right hand and he cares about Rayna alot, if he sees me like this that mans done for, he's going to die anyway but I want to do it. 'Now whos the Yandere' Kaden says smirking equally as angry 

I suck in A deep breath before stepping into the cell. I'm greeted with the sight of an agitated Alex standing in the corner glaring at a bloodied Johnathan. 

I walk towards him gripping his dull brown hair in between my fist snapping his head up .

 " Hey don't go dying on me yet. You've only been here a few weeks . I'm sure you were doing worse to Rayna for years . " My voice dripping with venom as fear flashed in his eyes . He covered it with A fake courage.

 " Of course I did, her bloodied and bruised body looked so nice chained down as I forced myself into her making her scream and cry, the funny thing is , she screamed for you, and you couldn't even protect her." 

My eyes at this point are fully Black and Kaden struggles to take control as I lunge forward only to be held back by Alex and Demetri . 

"Don't let him get to you Kade . Think, if he did that to her after meeting you like he said would have felt it. He just wants a reaction out of you." Dimitri says gripping my arm

"He's about to get one alright." Kade growls before giving me back control. I take a deep breath before picking up a metal bar on the table a few feet away from Jonathan as I instruct Jax to blind fold him. Jax heats the silver bar  Alex is holding with his hand as we both put on a special  glove to grip the bottom of the silver Items seeing as this type of metal is extremely harmful to wolves.  Letting the now liquidized silver drip onto his skin I take a deep breath grounding myself as he lets out a blood curling scream and thrashes on the chair he was trying to force his wolf out but from what I could see his wolf was completely done with him . I smirk at the sight of tears falling down his face . 

Jax grips his arm holding him down as Demetri holds the other . Alex holding the the silver weapon looks at me as if asking for consent . I nod knowing how much he has against him also. 

He has Jax heat it a little more before slamming it against his chest causing him to let out an anguishing scream . Jonathan now, sobbing and shaking from the pain. I smile and lean forward with a cold stare.
"Now, why did you target my mate?"  

" Theres no way youre her real father are you ? No real parent would hurt their child like that ." I say harshly watching his eyes struggle to stay open . I place my hand on his wrist letting a bit of strength slip through crushing it . 

" Wake up, Im not done talking to you yet." 

Slowly he sits his head up looking at me, his face twisting into A disgusting Smile before speaking. 

" Alpha Black.. you have no idea what you've just gotten yourself into." 

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