XXXIII. Interruption

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Once the twenty minute break was nearing its end, Lena and Raina sat in silence in their dugout, waiting for the announcement.

"So..." Lena said, trying to break the silence, "It's just down to us."
"Yep," Raina replied plainly, "Not like either of us gains much by winning. Not much stakes."
"Yeah, I guess so."

Their friends all waited in their own seats, eagerly awaiting the final battle to begin.
"No offense to Raina, but I'm betting on Lena winning!" Aria said excitedly, "She's very skilled with her water Gift!"
"Raina's no bitch, though," Jace replied, "I know from experience."
"Same here," Melany agreed, "I mean, of course I'd love for Lena to emerge victorious, but Raina will definitely put up quite the challenge."
"Indeed," Dai agreed, "I suppose we'll just have to wait and see."

Ms. Danford stepped forward to the microphone for one last time.
"Ladies and gentlemen, it is my sincerest pleasure to announce our final battle of this tournament," she said, "These two young ladies that made it this far should take pride in their progress, whether win or lose. Raina Fray and Lena Prasylova... please step onto the arena."

"Here we go," Raina said, standing up with Lena. The two girls made their way out onto the arena. Lena couldn't help but feel slightly nervous; she hadn't expected to make it to the finals. She shook off the nervousness and held her head up, willing to try her best.

They had arrived at the center, and faced one another, waiting for the go-ahead.

"You may now... begin!" Danford announced.

Upon receiving permission, the two final competitors tensed up. Both were waiting for the other to make the first move in anticipation.
Lena didn't break her gaze from Raina, trying to be ready for anything.
Finally, Raina began throwing fireballs.
Lena raised an ice wall, which took the hits, melting slightly.
Lena then sprouted her water wings and flew up and over the wall, water spears at the ready all around her.
She thrusted her arm forward, which sent them down towards Raina.

Raina held her ground and blew fire breath upwards, blocking the spears coming right in her direction.
Once she stopped, she didn't see Lena coming at her from the side until it was too late. Lena slammed into her side, knocking her back across the sand.
Lena paused and hovered for a moment, as Raina got back up, brushing her clothes off.
She ignited her fists in flame and started throwing fireballs.
Lena then formed a big wave and pushed it forward, the fireballs turning to steam once they hit it. She ignited fire underneath her feet as a result and flew upward, passing over the wave, and soaring down towards Lena.
Lena saw her coming and fired ice beams at her, only for Raina to maneuver around them.

With a flaming fist, she punched Lena across the face, forcing her back onto the ground.
Raina stopped and hovered above her, as Lena slowly got back up, rubbing her cheek. She grunted as she formed a water fist and extended it upward. It grabbed Raina by the ankle, and Lena pulled down, effectively pulling Raina to the ground with force.

Raina hit the ground, a cloud of sand popping up. Lena then fired an ice beam upon where she landed, freezing over most of Raina's body.
Once done, she began to walk over to her, only to see a bright pink fire erupt from where Raina landed. Lena jumped back, surprised, for Raina had completely lit herself on fire to melt the ice.

Once it was melted, she stood back up, strands of her hair aflame.
Lena blinked, then took a defensive position as Raina stepped forward.
Slowly, her steps quickened into a run, with a flaming fist held back.
Lena was getting ready to raise an ice wall, icy vapor steaming from her hand.
Just as Raina was about to make contact, a flash of yellow lightning shot down from the blue sky, right between the two girls.

This effectively knocked them both back onto the sand, and many in the crowd were taken by surprise, especially the Gifted Council and the New Haven faculty.

Once the lightning subsided, a man stood in the spot it hit. He had dark brown hair, wore a white tunic with gold trim, and had a gold headpiece that sported a lightning bolt on either side.
He looked up and around at his surroundings, a scowl on his face.

Lena and Raina both stared in shock, not knowing what to think.
Many in the audience stood up as well, including their friends.

"Who is that?!" Dai asked incredulously.
"I... I'm not sure," Jace replied.

Then, the man spoke.
"Where... is The Heat?" he asked in a demanding tone.
No one spoke out.
"I know Ryū is here," he continued, "I am The Bolt, and I have been freed from my prison. I stand before you all seeking The Heat... for he is responsible for my incarceration."

Lena looked fearfully at Raina, and was surprised to see the look of sheer terror on the blonde's face.

The Bolt noticed her, and then looked to Raina.
"My apologies for interrupting... whatever this is," he shrugged, and then he took a closer look at Lena.
Lena backed up on the sand, fear taking over.

"Huh... you look just like her," The Bolt said plainly.
Lena's fear stricken expression turned to confusion, but she couldn't dwell on it, for four security personnel entered the arena.

"Hold it right there!" shouted an officer, "We are the New Haven Security Force! Stand down!"

The four surrounded The Bolt, Gifts at the ready.

"It's almost funny," The Bolt said, "You think you stand a chance? I'm a Chosen... a God."
He then raised an arm up, and four massive bolts of lightning came crashing down, lethally electrocuting all four officers.

The four dropped to the sand, and the crowd began to panic.
"If Ryū won't show himself!" The Bolt shouted, "Then I suppose I shall have to move things along... by destroying this island so near and dear to him."
"You can't!" Raina shouted.
The Bolt looked back at her.
"And what are you going to do about it?" he asked.
Raina backed down, knowing she was outmatched.

The Bolt returned his attention to the panicking crowd.
"I suppose I shall start by taking those I have bestowed my power too," he said, and raised his hand up.

Jace began to quiver and clutch onto Kai's arm, "W-What does he mean??"
"I-I'm not sure..." Kai replied.

The Bolt then snapped his fingers, which caused a scared silence.

Many members of the crowd then clutched their heads and groaned in pain, flailing about even.
Jace, too, felt a pounding in his head, and his eyes began to gloss over in a yellow glow. He clutched his hair and stumbled into his seat, with Kai and the others rushing to his aid.

"Jace... Jace, what's wrong?!" Kai shouted.
Jace struggled with himself for another moment, before finally going limp.

"Jace...?" Melany asked.
Jace then opened his eyes, which glowed a bright yellow.
The others stood back, shocked.
Jace then stood up in a very robot like fashion, staring straight ahead.
Many other Gifted in the crowd did the same, eyes glossed over in a bright glow with a robotic demeanor.

The Bolt looked around, and smiled a little.

"I'll be waiting, Ryū!" he shouted, "If you want you precious island to stay intact, and if you want these people to be 'safe', then show yourself and face me!"

The Bolt then teleported away, taking his Gifted with him.
Kai, Melany, and the others just watched in shock as Jace was teleported away by a flash of lightning. They just stared at the spot he once stood in, distraught overcoming them.

None of them realized Lena and Raina saw what happened as well, with tears welling up in Lena's eyes.


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