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Raynas POV

      It's been a few days since Alois told me I was his mate . I couldn't bring myself to be around Him 

Still..Two days had passed and he still wasn't home I texted Alex and told him I was coming over . Alex didn't get home til a bit later but his girlfriend was there I've always loved her she was beautiful and her personality really clicked with Alex so I was happy they found each other . 

 The moment she opened the door I smiled before I bust into tears clinging to her shirt . We sat in silence for a few minutes her sitting me down on the couch and just rubbing my back telling me it's going to be okay .  I had given her a run down, well obviously leaving out the part about him turning into a big four legged creature, I didn't want her to think I was crazy . " Well Rayna, do you want to be with him?" She said as we both sat up she handed me a tissue to wipe my eyes with .  I looked at her unable to answer because , I didn't know, I know I had some type of feeling for him that was far past professional but , I couldn't bring myself to open up to him . What if he left once he understood how damaged I really am ? What if this is all some sick twisted joke and he just ends up hurting me . She sighs before pulling me into a hug. "Follow your heart Rayna, look deep down and ask yourself do you think he's going to hurt you ? Or do you think you guys can better each other ? If you're not sure I don't think you should shut the option down completely. I'm not saying get with him right now but if he hasn't done anything to prove your thinking right , don't you think he deserves a chance?" Her words made sense . But they had also made me realize how bad I had overreacted . I offered her a small smile and a thank you before going upstairs and sleeping in the guest room. 


     Today was the day that I was going to make up with Alois, I hope he wasn't mad at me for lashing out like that even though I deserved it ... 

It was a Monday so I figured I'd tell him when we were alone at the end of the day . I came to school with Alex and walked into the building letting out a breath I didn't know I was holding , I peeked over my shoulder to see if his car was here but it wasn't. A small frown made its way on my face before Alex's hand rest on my shoulder . "It's going to be fine Ray he's going to be here."I nodded and made my way to my first class

 I was a bit early so not many people were in the class. "Ms.Artegio, they're requesting you at the front office." My teacher says , I get up and begin making my way to the office through all of the buzzing chatter around me. I step into the office setting Ms.K with a sad look on her face. "What's wrong miss?" She looks as if she wants to say something but stops and instead hands me a white paper. It was a schedule change form? I took a closer look at the paper in my hands and saw everything looked the same . Then I noticed. " Why was my aiding teacher switched ?" I ask frantically re-looking at the paper . "Sweetheart, Mr.Finn said you asked to switch your aiding teacher ." I looked at her in disbelief my fist crumbling the paper as I quickly turn towards the door . "Ignore him I'm staying."

 I quickly my way to my class and the day drags on with Alois as the only thing on my mind. 


It skipped 6th period to go sit in the courtyard with Alex in order to prep for how I was going to talk to Alois . 

" I still think you should just bust in there like some type of  vixen with a robe on some heels an-." I cut him off by flicking his forehead.
"Come on A be serious!" I groan making him laugh at me
" I can't tell you what to do or say Ray you just have to do what you feel is right ." He says smiling at me before patting my head which made me glare at him.
The bell rings and I stand up and shake my body out before Alex smacks my back " Remember hes your mate, not only that he's an alpha and he clearly has deep feelings for you. You may not be able to feel it because your human but us wolves Have A deep bond with our mates . We cant stay mad for long ... So Go get em tiger ." 

I shoot daggers at him with eyes before smiling to myself , making my way towards Alois's class I rehearse what I'm going to say to him mentally 

okay so , I'm not a wolf so how would this work wouldnt you want to eat me or something ? No no that's rude . Hey there , sorry I didn't wanna date you I've got a bit daddy issues, or mommy issues. Well technically both . 

No that's even worse . I face palm  and take a deep breath as I approach Alois's door . I knock softly only not to get a response . I knock again after a few minutes and press my ear to the door but I don't hear anything. Maybe he's not her- my thoughts are interrupted by the feeling of my falling slightly before my head hits a hard chest and warm hands are on my shoulders sturdying me . 

"Yes Ms.Artegio?" His voice seemingly cold but sent tingles down my body , ignoring him and the sparks I push past him and walk into the class sitting down on his desk. He looks shocked before closes the door and stares at me . 

" You don't have to be here , I already talked to Kathy about changing your schedule you should have room 1102 n-"

"Shut up." I say but only loud enough for him  to hear .
He stands in place studying my face for any signs of what I may be thinking .  I pat his chair ushering for him to sit down as I turn my back to the chair holding on to to his desk . 

Taking A deep breath I start, Now or never I suppose

"I'm sorry Alois, I didn't mean to yell at you, and lash out it's just.... I didn't know how to react, I didn't believe you at first because well, I'm not really used to anything good happening to me and I'm not sure if I can be a good mate or anything like that , honestly I don't think I deserve you... but I want to . I want to learn more about you , I want to work towards us being in a healthy relationship. Mate or not I want us to be closer . I'm really really sorry . Thank you for protecting me and taking care of me and helping me  and being my closest friend no matter how damaged I am. " 

By the time I had finished I was in tears and my voice was cracking. I couldn't help it I meant every single thing I said to him. 

He sat in silence, and I was about to get up and I figured I should just leave because it was probably too late... but then .

 Within seconds he was in front of me with his arms wrapped around me pulling me into a tight hug. He rubbed my back and I buried my face in his chest Just mumbling sorry after sorry as the tears fell . "Please don't cry Angel, you don't know how happy those words made me ." He spoke softly his voice and touch causing sparks along my body but stronger than before . He pulled away from me and wiped my eyes before holding my hand rubbing small circles on the back of it . "Mr .Fin-."
"Black . My last name . It's Alois Black." He says smirking a little making me hit his arm. It really did fit him better than Finn .  The name reminding me of the girls a few days ago talking about someone named Alpha Black. "Alois?"
He dazedly looks at me while playing with my fingers  "hm?"
"What's an Alpha?"

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