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Clouds hovered around the sun, blocking any chance of light. The dark and gloomy look of the sky only enhanced the eerie mood in the small town of Basilica. Asylum for the things that go bump in the night." Things", some say; others, Beasts. In Basilica, they know better than that. Better than to question, who or rather, what... hangs around after they've wished their loved ones goodnight.

In the Romano Chateau, located in the center of town, Maxim Romano sat in his leather chair. His face, as usual, lacked emotion as he listened to his Consigliere discuss upcoming cargo. However, this was nothing new for Maxim. His days, were filled with paperwork and at his right, was Antonne who showed no interest in the meeting. Instead, he was occupied texting Adam, who couldn't make it due to an emergency.

"Maxim. What do you think ?"  Mitchell asked as everyone turned to look at him.

"Contact Lucas and tell him to bring the shipment in. If he refuses again, attack the warehouse and kill everyone." Maxim replied. Lucas Bianchi had been one of his partners, who'd recently been more and more defiant. Enough was enough. Usually, Maxim would give them a week but his temper had been off the charts lately. The simplest of things would set him off.

"Alright, that should be it for today. We'll meet again next week for evaluation." Mitchell and the rest cleared out of the room.

Maxim then loosened the tie around his neck as he let out a sigh. " I'm fucking exhausted. " Antonne chuckled, laughing at his annoyance. " Sucks to be you, Max but listen I gotta get ready... see you in a bit. " He walked out, leaving him alone. Still feeling restless, Max decided to let his wolf out. It'd been long since the beast had been out which would explain the mood swings.

He lept through the air, his bones rearranging, changing skin to fur. His wolf was very much like him, aggressive, controlling, and persistent. While the beast had no control when Maxim was human, he still heavily influenced his emotions. If provoked enough, he would breakthrough resulting in a half shift. Leaving the beast in control of the body. Nonetheless, Max and his wolf had a strong connection and understood each other; better than others and their wolves did.

Running through the Greenwood was exhilarating and gave him a clear mind. He tramped through the clearing and found a cave. Deciding to rest for a while. Maxim woke a few hours later, still in wolf form. He shifted back and went home realizing he still had to get ready. The annual gala was tomorrow and he had yet to pack. The Gala was held every year for the Mafias and Packs all over the world. Basically everyone would gather around and drink expensive champagne while boasting about their riches. He had no interest in attending but nevertheless, it wasn't a good idea for the Capo to skip out.

A few hours later, they were on the jet, traveling to Bordeaux, France. The Gala was being hosted there by the Couture Family. Maxim lounged in the jet's Cabin, reading some articles. Antonne was scrolling through his Instagram feed, munching on some snacks.

" Did you hear from Adam yet? " Antonne asked.

"Yes, he'll be meeting us there" Max muttered.

Antonne continued speaking " ...said she didn't care but was hella clingy when I was talking to Anna, ...like the fuck." Maxim had stopped listening at this point but still made an effort to nod every once in a while. He remained uninterested until Antonne mentioned her, "...Miguel's bringing his daughter, Azara, for the first time. "

Max hummed at this but said nothing. Although, he couldn't help but feel something. He didn't know what. "Azara..." Her name sounded enchanting, coming from his lips.

End of Part 1.

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