Chapter 8 - Not again!!

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Quotes of the day: "There is no true love without jealousy."

⚠️Warning: Don't forget to read the author note at the end.

Hritika's POV

Mr Malhotra suddenly pinned me against the steel wall of the elevator as soon as the elevator door closed, he pressed the stop button of the lift and I gasped in shock.

"Mr Malhotra what are you doing!?" I asked shocked, as he leaned down slightly that our face is almost touching and I think my face must be red as a tomato from the blush. My heart started beating fast, my chest rose and fell with rapid breathing and I am afraid he will listen to it.

"I am just curious, what do think of those comments!?" He whispers slightly pausing at the 'curious' and I turned my face to avoid answering him.

"Don't look away when I am talking to you!" He demanded while turning my face towards him, Pressing his two fingers firmly under my chin and My eyes immediately locked with his.

"And why did you smile at everyone especially that Liam boy?" He asked furiously with gritted teeth and that caught my attention.

"What? It's just a smile and is there any rule at the office that you can't smile at each other!?" I asked but he didn't answer and continue asking me.

"Why did that Liam boy calls you babydoll? Is he your boyfriend? Tell me!" He asked in a low thick voice as if he is controlling his anger.

What? Seriously

"No he is my friend and I was just being friendly at everyone!" I told him while his hold then loosens and his eyes soften.

"So you were just being friendly nothing else!" He asked looking at me intensely while caressing my left crimson cheek with his right thumb.

Has this man gone crazy?

"Yes!" I told him and he smiled.

"Good!!" he whispered while suddenly hugging me and after pulling away placed a soft chastised kiss on my cheek and elevator ding open.

I felt an arm wrap around my waist and pull me out of the elevator towards the office. When I followed the arm to see who's it was I realised it's non-other than Mr Grumpy Malhotra.

What is happening!?

"Miss Charlotte! Tell the maintenance department to fix my elevator!"His business tone on the phone breaks my state of shock.


When I looked around, noticed that Charlotte is not visible on her desk and the board of servicing was hanging on the private elevator.

No wonder! He took the staff elevator.

"Heartbeat You can only take my elevator from now!" He suddenly turned around and whispers in my ear, making me jump.

"Do not say no!" His demanding voice left no room for argument with that he left me after kissing my forehead as if I am not his assistant and walked inside his office.

"Huh... Bossy Man!" I murmured under my breath as I went to the cafeteria room for coffee because I needed it right now.

I saw a younger man in his early twenties, standing with his back towards me. I approached him then I saw he was also going to make coffee for somebody So I offered him that I'll make it.

I go towards the coffee machine and make two mug coffee. Once the coffee is done I poured it in the mug, gave one to him after placing it on the tray and take mine.

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