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So, this fic is based off my Septuplet!AU that I post in my Insta: @boboiboygelap! It can be read as a stand-alone, but for those who are familiar with the AU, this happened before the comics. Kind of like a backstory?

Anyway~ enjoy! >w<

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, all of it belongs to Monsta :3


Cahaya was aware of how smart and popular he was amongst everyone in his school. It was both a blessing and a curse. Always topping in your class does garner you some admirers but there would always be those who would despise you (which is honestly their problem for not being good enough).

Despite his confident exterior and blinding smiles that was always directed to his fangirls, Cahaya always felt hallow in the inside. A pretty deep thought for a 9-year old. But children can easily feel out of place.

And you'd think it would be less lonelier if you had six other siblings all born at the same time—(yes they were septuplets) but nope, it was just as easier to feel out of place with them.

Petir, the eldest septuplet, was just as popular as him (no, he refuses to believe Petir is the most popular) and was always putting on a poker face—trying to act all cool despite being a "tsundere" (as what those anime shows call it). And they usually don't get along well.

Angin was always too energetic and cheerful for Cahaya. And he had this weird adoration with Petir, wanting to be popular like him—even going as far as to ask Cahaya how he could be popular.

Tanah was probably one of the few people Cahaya respected and wouldn't mind following orders to. He was very responsible and would act like a mom to them at times. He was pretty much popular amongst the brothers—specifically the immature septuplets who always try to get Tanah's attention. So he tries not to bother Tanah so much, despite having the rights since he was the youngest.

Api... for some reason, hated him. Probably because he was his total opposite when it comes to studies. The hot-head was always last in their class and seemed to find playing pranks on others more fun than learning. He always got scolded by Grandpa and Tanah—and Cahaya knew it was only a matter of time before his stupidity would cost him.

Air on the other hand, was a complete opposite to Api, as their namesake would have it. Though surprisingly they got along well. Probably because Air is the only one who could bear the other's energy and tolerate his ridiculousness, since he was always so calm and... most of the time... uncaring.

And lastly Daun. The most naïve, nature-loving sibling of all. His level in terms of academics... were almost the same as Api, but Cahaya doesn't seem to mind this and had always helped tutor his brother. It was a little obvious back then who his favorite sibling was. Cahaya and Daun were practically inseparable when they were toddlers.

Though, all that changed thanks to Api's stupid influence. And somehow they managed to rope in Angin to this group they call the "Trio Troublemaker" where they would run around pulling pranks to this classmate of theirs named Adudu.

Though he understood how much of a bully Adudu was, and can actually say that he deserves the pranks at times... but those brothers of his are just really wasting their time over a minor bully.

So yeah, Cahaya always found it hard to fit in with his siblings. Declaring that his only true friends are books and mathematical equations, which made it hard finding friends since... well... he was in a whole other level with them in terms of intelligence.

Not that Cahaya should care, their level of enjoyment is shallow which is to be expected by children their age.

"Alright everyone!" Teacher Mama spoke up, snapping Cahaya out of his daydream, "Don't forget to do your homework and study for the exam next week! Just because summer is around the corner, doesn't mean you get to slack off."

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