Taboo (Boom!Sonic the Hedgehog x Reader)

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Sonic walked through the village, talking with his friends. Eggman was going to attack. It had been looming for the past few days and Sonic was getting tired of waiting. Plus, he always found it fun to poke fun at his assistant, (Y/n) the (A/t). She also enjoyed that hobby. 

"Bombs away!" Yep. There she was. Sonic whirled around, getting a rock to the head. He shook his head, gripping the spot where she'd hit him. (Y/n) tugged a coconut off the tree she was sitting in and threw that at him too, but Knuckles threw himself in front of Sonic and grabbed the coconut. 

"Lunch!" he exclaimed. "Thanks, (Y/n)!" 

"No problem," she said. She started guffawing when Knuckles let out a high pitched yelp when the robots started firing from behind. "For the fastest thing alive, Sonic the Hedgehog, you are really slow on the uptake." 

"No, it just makes it more fun," Sonic replied. He spin dashed the robots heading for him. Amy had already taken out the larger robot with Sticks and Tails was beating a battered pile of broken robots with his wrench. "Even a surprise attack is too slow to catch me!" He then nodded at Knuckles. The red echidna put his coconut down and grabbed Sonic's arms, spinning in several fast circles before releasing the hedgehog. He curled up, ramming into the tree. 

(Y/n) yelped, pitching forward. Her feet caught on the branch and she glared down at Sonic as he leaned against the tree, smirking up at her. "Just for the record," she said. "I was warming up." 

"You say that every time," Sonic said, pushing off and then thumping back onto the trunk. She hissed, flailing her arms. The blue blur studied his hand, then glanced teasingly up at her. 

"What's that word you always say when you throw one of us into the ocean?" Sticks called, pulling her boomerang back. "Yeet?" She threw her boomerang. "YEET!" 

"That is my word!" (Y/n) shouted, leaping off the tree before the boomerang snapped the branch she'd been hanging on off. "And you all stink. Literally and figuratively. Seriously, Sonic. Since you're so afraid of water, do you ever wash?" 

"Excuse me?" he said, pressing a hand to his chest. (Y/n) strutted past him to the Eggmobile. Cubot and Orbot helped her in behind Eggman, who was glowering at the team. Sonic saluted, subconsciously checking himself. "I do not stink." 

"You run so much," the (a/t) called. "I wouldn't be surprised." Sonic blinked, tilting his head. She flapped a hand at him. "Whatever." Then they were gone, Eggman shouting something about coming back. The usual. 

"Lunch," Knuckles repeated, picking up his coconut and cracking it open with his forehead. "And Meh Burger. Anyone else in or am I going into more debt?" 

"That's just sad," Amy said. "Let's go." And with that, the group continued their day by heading over for their daily meal at Meh Burger. 


"Alright, (Y/n), you're in charge of maintenance," Eggman said, shoving his pajamas into his suitcase. He, Mombot, and Steve were going on a vacation to the robot sky kingdom that (Y/n) no longer had any idea what it was called. 

"Okay," she said. "How long do you think you'll be gone?" 

"A couple days at most," the evil genius said. "Shouldn't be that hard to keep everything intact until I get back, right?" 

"Right," (Y/n) said, looking to the side. "Orbot and Cubot are going too?" 

"They'll need to carry my stuff," Eggman said, dropping his cases into the robots' hands. Orbot hit the floor, dragging himself after his master. (Y/n) sighed. That was the one hard part of her job. Watching her two friends get tortured. Except it had been slightly less since she'd showed up. 

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