Chapter 46

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"A brave fighter can never get tired of searching weapons."

Rehab's p.o.v

"Yusha you go to John's house. Set all his servants free. Claim his house and go throw his files, laptop and other sources and see if you get any information about the children they kidnapped this year."
I said to Yusha and he nodded.

He marched towards door when I stopped him.

"And yeah! Take beta team with you too. I wonder if there will be any of his guards. We can't take any risk."
He nodded and left.

I turned towards Haider.

"You will come with me to his warehouse. His weapons should be taken in use by some sensible hands for something good. Prepare alpha team. We will be leaving in 10 minutes."
Haider nodded and left.

I sighed and sat on chair.
I took my phone out and dialled Saim's number.


Saim's voice came from other side.

"Hello Saim! How's tooba?"

"She is fine now. I guess she is in shock. She didn't utter even a word uptill now. All quite! This is what she is right now. "
I kept quite.

"Anyways you don't worry. Neha has given her medicine and she must be sleeping now. She needs you man! Come back as soon as possible."

"I will come soon ! OK bye."
I said and hung up.

I put phone on table and moved my hands in my hair frustratingly.

She needs you!

I remembered Saim's words and a sudden urge of looking at her came over me.

"Everything is ready!"
My thoughts were disturbed by Haider's voice.

I nodded and wore my gloves which were back in color with a golden sign of Avtomat Kalashnikova model 47, or AK-47. 

It was the sign of our gang.

"Let's go!"
I said taking my gun and mobile from table.

We all were gathered at some distance from John's warehouse.

"Arrangements of forces would be something like this,
Haider, team 1 at area 1
Zain, team 2 at area 2
Jibrael, team 3 at area 3
Saad, underground with team 4."

I stretched map on the bonnet of my car.

"Haider you will scatter force around the warehouse. Zain you will escort team 2 to weapon's corner. You can see this red  mark? It is where weapons ate kept. Jibrael you will take team 3 with you in area 3 . I heard that John had brought best cannons from US last month. This is the street, here! I dont think you will find many obstacles there be because no one knows about those cannons except them so they won't feel any danger for them but still we should be alert."
I said pointing at meaning directions of everyone and they nodded.

"Once you get your area secured, tell me. Jibrael! I would be more glad if you complete your work before everyone. I am sure they won't be able to fight back with same passion when they run out of their precious cannons."
Jibrael nodded.
"Rajr boss! It will  happen exactly the way you want."

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