7 - I Don't Wanna Go

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Track Seven: I Don't Wanna Go

Album: Iron Man 2

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ᴺᴼᵂ ᴾᴸᴬᴵᴺᴳ : Diana
"Can I take the blindfold off now?" I asked Tony as I eagerly sat in the back of the car.

"Just hold on, we're almost there"

I frowned, "You know if Pepper weren't here you'd think this was a kidnapping" I chuckled.

"Don't worry it's not a kidnapping," Pepper chuckled as the car swerved. "My god! Tony eyes on the road!" She yelled.

I cringed, "Tony are you wearing a blindfold?"

He laughed, "No? How could you have such low faith in me?" He asked.

"Monaco ring a bell for yeah?" I deadpanned.

I heard Pepper let out a snort as Tony went silent.

"Can I just tell her Tony?" Pepper asked through her small giggle fit, "Even you must think the blindfold is a bit much"

"But then the surprise will be ruined, and we're almost there"

"Almost where?!" I asked, "Come on! The suspense is killing me" I told them.

"That's it I'm just gonna tell her," Pepper broke. "Since we were allowed to take you out one last time before the award ceremony-"

"And leave us for some other mission instead of, oh I don't know, going to school like a normal ten year old" Tony grumbled.

"We," Pepper spoke in a louder tone. "Decided to give you one last big surprise. So we are taking you to-"

"To late! We're here!" Tony cut her off as we came to an immediate stop.

"My god Tony!" Pepper yelled as I began to take my blindfold off, "Wait! Diana! Not yet!" She scrambled between the two of us.

I frowned, "My god! Make up your mind!"

After slowly being helped out of the car, and followed by many sly comments between both adults, we began to walk for what felt like forever.

"Can I at least have a hint to where we are?" I asked holding both of their hands.

From the sounds of it we were somewhere very public. It was a very strange day I'll tell you that though. After we went to some fancy restaurant I was given a blindfold and now I'm here, extremely confused about everything.

Eventually we stopped and I could feel that both adults were getting excited, "Are we there yet?" I tilted my head as Pepper squealed my hand.

"Yep, are you ready to see?" She exclaimed in a higher tone.

I nodded as I felt my blindfold get lifted. I blinked a couple of times to get my vision back, before I was greeted by a set of large theatre doors. I raised a brow before reading a sign made of a theatre that read the words,

'The touring musical production of
Mamma Mia'

"A musical?" I asked looking to the overly excited pair.

Tony shrugged, "I thought you'd enjoy it"

"Why?" I chuckled.

"You were singing Abba all night at my birthday party"

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