Chapter 47

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"I need you like a heart needs a beat."

Rehab's p.o.v

I entered in my room and literally threw myself on sofa. I was hell of a tired.

Lights were off only moonlight was lighting up the roon.

I took off my boots and took clothes from wardrobe and went to change.

When I came back I saw tooba speaking some incoherent words in her sleep. I was unable to understand.

uddenly she started shouting in her sleep.

"Please!..... Don't hurt.... him.... Don't..hurt!!"
She started crying in her sleep.
I ran towards her and sat beside her.

"Tooba tooba!"

I shoke her from shoulder and she sat up screaming.

"Leave me! Leave me! Don't hurt him!"
She was panicking badly.

I quickly turned on the lights.

"Tooba Jan(life) its me! Your Rehab. Look!"

I tried to calm her down but all in vain as she started shooking her head badly.

Sweat was dripping down her face and neck.

She started pulling her hair still crying and telling me to not touch her.

She was getting out of control.


I shouted gripping her wrists tightly and she seemed to notice me.

I pinned her hair behind her ears.

"What were you doing? Why were you hurting yourself?"
I asked cupping her cheeks.

She stayed quite and kept on staring.

Tears started tolling her cheeks.

I wiped her tears with my thumb and pulled her in a hug and she burst into tears.


"Shh! Love I am here! I am here right in your arms."

"He ..was.."
She said between hiccups.

"No one can dare to touch your Rehab. Hmm?"

She started crying heavily.

"Love  what happened? Tell me!"
I cupped her cheeks.

She pointed in air remembering something.

"Han? (Yes?)"

"He..tried to He touched me here and here too. I..was feeling..disgusted by..his touch..."
She tried to speak between hiccups pointing towards her lips, neck and waist.

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