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The Blondie followed the path to the boy.

"Hey, Ruby, are you- uh ready-?"

"Yes, yes I am Moody."
She giggle taking a step closer to him.

"Soo, where are you taking me?"
She said swing her hands in hopes of him taking her's.

"You'll have to find out."
He smiled taking her hand.

She buried herself in her red face and held his hand tightly.

He slowly rubbed her thumb across their held hands.

"We're here."

She watched people glaze across the ice, the soft snow sprinkling on their heads like a picture.

"It's beautiful."

"That not the only thing that is.."
He looks at the blonde haired girl tightly gripping her hand.

"So are we going skating?"


The couple gilded over to the line for skates, admiring the view and each other as they waited.

"I love this, thank you."

"I'm glad you like it, I thought you should see a place as beautiful as you."

She couldn't hold in her emotion, she felt her heart play music, pouring out her feelings for him.

She gripped him by the jacket and kissed him.

It was one of those things that lasted forever.

"Next in line please come up!"

"Oh shit, I mean sorry- I- just-''
The girl flustered at her act.

"No, don't apologize!! I- it was-
I loved it, and I want to again."

"Next in line please."

"Oh sorry! We're coming."
He rushed over grabbing her hand.

"I'm glad."
She giggle looking back out to the rink.

She looked out first to the snow then a curly haired boy skating.... but with another girl.

"Here are your skates."

"Uh- yes- t- thank you."
The girl haired partly looking and looking away.

"Thank you."

Moody turned holding the skates.

"Are you okay? What's wrong?"
The boy nervously said hoping it wasn't him.

"Nothing, it's nothing with this date or you. You are amazing, and... I do want to kiss you again. It's Anne."

"Anne? Is everything okay with her?"

"Yeah, it's just Gilbert, I see the way she looks at him, and he's with another girl."
She nervously nods to the skating rink.

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