Chapter 48

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"I am the happiest me, with you beside me!!"

Rehab's p.o.v

I opened my eyes and saw Tooba sleeping in my arms peacefully.
I kissed her forehead and shoke her.

She groaned in sleep but didn't open her eyes.

"Tooba Jan(life) wake up! Its 9:30 in morning."
I said caressing her hair.

"Let me sleep na."
She said and went back to sleep.

I smiled at her cuteness and after kissing her cheek I made my way towards washroom.

After coming out of washroom I directly went to launch to talk with Yusha.

I called him who was busy in reading newspaper.

"No Yusha! Call him Yusha uncle."
Haider said coming in launch with his cup of coffee in hands.

I asked.

"Cause at the age of using Instagram and social media he is reading newspaper. Means seriously man?"
Haider said dramatically.

"Ignore him!"
Yusha said rolling his eyes and I laughed silently.

"Well yusha I want to talk to you."

"Yeah go ahead!"
He said putting newspaper aside.

I narrated whole story of Tooba getting panic attacks and nightmares and mistaking mW as john.

"Oh!! She is quite disturbed!"
Yusha said after listening me.

"So I was thinking that why not take her somewhere on vacation. She will be relieved."
I said thinking.

"Such a brilliant idea it is! In this way she will get fresh air and that can help her in coming back to life."
Haider exclaimed.

"So what's the problem? Wait! Are you tensed for work?"
Yusha said as if reading my face.

I nodded.

"Come on buddy! Don't take tension. We will manage everything here."

Haider said and I nodded somehow understanding. I was relieved cause in Yusha's presence I should not have to worry about anything.

After giving some important instructions about work and Ibtihaj I advanced towards my room.


Tooba's p.o.v

"Rehab tell me where are we going?"
This was the 100th time I was asking him the same question but he wasn't answering.

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