9 - Zavershit missiyu

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Track Nine: Zavershit missiyu

Album: Thor

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ᴺᴼᵂ ᴾᴸᴬᴵᴺᴳ : Diana
"Can I get singing lessons?" I followed Phil around the site, with my iPod in hand.

"We've been over this, Diana. You've asked me five times, and when I said no you went ahead and called Director Fury" he scolded me.

I frowned, "But Phil," I dragged his name out. "I need some sort of entertainment, and I don't have my burner phone anymore" I told him.

"You've got enough books and music to keep a school filled with kids with ADHD entertained for months," he exclaimed. "And you would still have that phone, if you'd not called the director this morning. He was in a very important meeting and you calling in the middle was not wanted"

I blew a raspberry, catching up to him, "It wasn't that big a deal, he says to always call when there's trouble and it was trouble" I told him.

"And how is needing lessons for something completely useless an emergency?" He asked.

"Well I... I," I cut him off, making him stop walking. "I just think it'd be fun, you know?" I tired to tell him, "I mean what if I'm actually good? Maybe I could preform-"

"Absolutely not" he cut me off.

"What?! Why not?" I crossed my arms.

He huffed, "You're meant to do amazing things for the world, you shouldn't waste it on becoming a pop star" he gestured to me.

I put my hands up, "But I don't want to be a pop star, I want to preform on stage!" I tried to tell him, "Tony told me about this street called Broadway and it seems so cool. Could you image me singing on that street way one day?"

He began to walk again, "You don't preform literally on the street Diana, it's a bunch of theatre buildings put together, and it's not safe"

I groaned as we got to the centre of the base, seeing that damn hammer. It's been a couple days since we've gotten here and we are still no closer to finding out how to transport it. As of right now nothing and nobody was able to move it.

I glared down at the metal as the bright lights keeping us from the darkness shined on it, causing a light glared falling back into my eyes.

"Are you going to try again?" Phil asked.

"Why would I?" I crossed my arms.

"Because you've tried to lift it every hour on the hour since you got here"

I rolled my eyes as he began to talk to another agent. I grabbed the hilt again and tried to lift it, grunting in the process. A couple more agents began to murmur in chuckles as I huffed, blowing hair out of my eyes.

Grunting getting to my feet, with iPod in hand, I began to stomp away, "Where are you going?" Phil called out to me.

"Training!" I yelled out, "I will lift that damn hammer!"

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