Chapter 33: Bloodied Nights

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This chapter contains violence!

Maya hovered at the edge of the living room, glaring daggers at the group. They were laughing, drinking their wine, and having a grand ole time. It made her blood boil, watching them live the life she should have had. But Leanna ruined it all. That so called Luna waltzed in here like she owned the place, acting like a damsel in distress and winning the heart of the Alpha by batting her eyelashes and acting so special. 

What's so special about a damn rogue, anyway?

"Get to cleaning, Omega," Quill snapped and Maya turned her glare on him. 

He gave her that boyish smile of his, a smile that earned him many late night trips into her bedroom. But now, branded an Omega by that she-demon, Maya had nothing and none of her friends wanted anything to do with her. She'd lost her status and dignity.

"Suck it," she retorted and he gave her a cold smile.

"Don't make me get the Alpha on your ass."

She rolled her eyes but remained silent as his smile became victorious before he walked off. She turned her eyes on that bitch who dared to call herself a Luna. 

"Are you going to help or not?" Olivia interrupted, drawing Maya out of her dark thoughts.

The wolf growled lowly, "Fuck off, mutt."

Olivia huffed, "No need to be rude. I'm on the only person you have left."

"Hey!" Delta Sean looked back at them, momentarily stopping the conversation. Phoenix turned his head, his eyes narrowing on the two Omegas.

Olivia quickly bowed her head in a show of submission but Maya jutted out her chin, holding his stare for a good minute before slowly lowering her head.

"Get back to work," the Alpha instructed.

The two disappeared into the kitchen as the conversation resumed while Maya silently seethed the entire time.



"They were most intolerable when they were younger," Rhea laughed later that night. "These two were the most mischievous children ever to grace the world. Anytime I would visit for the summers, they'd think up the most outrageous pranks to mess with me. Some bordered on cruel, if I remember correctly."

Kai and Phoenix shared evil smirks, "I believe one of those pranks involved tar in your hair."

"That's horrible!" Frey laughed and quickly covered her face as Rhea shot her a mocking glare.

"It was! It took months for my hair to grow back properly and all they got was a scolding!" Rhea shook her head with a small laugh as the guys cackled.

"Ah yes, the perks of being the Alpha's children," Kai winked at his mate who snorted.

"Oh yes, and this one thought it would be smart to tell our oldest the story. Dimitri was only eight and he decided to try that trick on Seline, who was only two. Fortunately, I caught him before he could wreck havoc."

Phoenix shook his head with laughter, "How are Dimitri and Seline?"

"That boy has my hands full and he's a fully grown man," Rhea crossed her arms. "He refuses to search for his mate."

Kai rubbed her thigh, "He's young! Let him have a little fun before he settles down."

"He just turned 117, how much more fun does he need to have?" Rhea raised an eyebrow and Kai snickered before quickly composing himself.

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