Chapter 50 (Special)❤

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"I only want two things in this world..
I want you and I want us!!"

Tooba's p.o.v

I woke up with a throbbing pain in my head.
I glanced at clock which was signalling 12 in afternoon.

"How I slept for this long?"
I said standing up but fell again on bed due to my pinning head.

"Rehab!..Yar give me a glass of water."
I said holding head in my hands.

When he didn't come I went in launch and then in garden but couldn't find him.

"Where did he go?"
My steps halted in air as events of last night flashed in front of my eyes making tears to flow down my cheeks.

I gulped down the lump forming in my throat and went towards washroom.

I came out after taking a long and warm shower.
I wore my clothes which I was wearing yesterday.
Thankfully I washed them after dripping batter on them.

I stood in front of mirror and was combing my wet hair when my eyes landed on my left elbow and tears started welling up in my eyes looking at the marks of his nails which stabbed in my skin when he held me roughly.

I wiped my face and planned to go on a walk. May be it can cheer up my mind.

I opened my suitcase and took a shawl from there.
Thankfully Neha had put one .

I draped shawl around my shoulders and fixed my duppata (veil) on my head and went out of cottage.

Swat was indeed very beautiful. Exactly same as I heard.
I was right. Now my mood was happy and not grumpy like before.

As I was walking down the hill I saw a cute couple eating ice cream from one tab.

I squealed looking at them.

Their backs were facing me.

They turned towards me may be hearing my voice and I was embarrassed to hell.

I lowered my gaze and mumbled sorry and took two steps ahead when I heard the boy calling me.

I turned towards couple and my eyes widened with happiness.



We both exclaimed simultaneously.

"How are you buddy? Where did you disappear? When did you got married?"
I showered him with lot of questions.

"Patience woman! Patience!"
He said throwing his hands in air.

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