[7] More Than Just Kisses

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B O Y ' S

Monday morning rolled around quickly, by Sunday afternoon Archer and I had decided that it would only be wise for us to take our fake relationship as public as it could possibly be.

We would arrive at school together on his motorcycle Monday and do all the usual things couples do. We would be like a couple straight out of a fairytale, but shrouded in lies.

We would be out in the open to display our undying affection, hoping Ryder Cheating Nilsen would see and feel the same pain I did.

Archer would walk me to my classes, sit with me at lunch, and take me home after school. Archer would act like the perfect gentleman and I would simply oblige.

Archer would casually kiss me whenever Ryder came around and everything would appear to be believable.

Hopefully, all my kisses would have Archer fall for me and then I would get revenge on Ryder. I would love to beat the bad boy at his own game, imagine the look on his face when I win.

I am playing with fire and am not going to let myself get burned.

Sunday we didn't do too much together, we just simply made up our fake relationship's back story. Our love story involved the diner of course, him breaking my car, and his lunchtime proclamation.

The usual.

To start off Monday morning he swung by my place and picked me up, greeting me with a bagel and coffee.

We set off to school together, myself being mindful and making sure to dress in the proper attire for riding a motorcycle. Our school's charming in a way...

In a way like how Archer's charming.

The bike stops in the parking lot of school and settles down. Archer gets off the bike, giving me a hand off of it and slinging my bag around his back.

Our little lover's act had begun.

Archer gives a smirk to me and takes one of my hands, we walk together holding hands. Archer stands a step or so in front of me, leading the way into our crumbling school.

His grip is firm on my hand as we push through groups of people, Archer not at all afraid to walk past people and draw attention to us. Our interaction began to catch the eyes of some fellow students, gossip beginning to circulate the halls.

"He has arrived," Archer says hushed, nodding over to the school entrance we had just walked through.

I don't turn around on his statement, believing that it would be too obvious to stare at Ryder.

We make our way to my locker and I open it up, not wanting to show a hint of care for the sudden appearance of my previous boyfriend. I took my time at my locker, letting Ryder stare at the new couple that would become his nightmare.

I want Ryder to be sorry for ever cheating on me and I don't feel horrible about getting back at him. In fact, I think I would thoroughly enjoy playing Archer's game. After I get the chance to break Ryder's heart like he broke mine I would continue the heartbreaking and go after Archer's heart. Senior year would play out in an unforgettable way.

As I place my hand on my locker ready to shut it I get pushed against it, Archer's face becoming centimeters from mine.

"Looks like we're kissing," he whispers, his breath minty.

The locker door's obstructing an upcoming Ryder's view, perception in favor of Archer and I.

I see the locker door move completely open and Archer puts his hands on the cheeks of my face. Archer stares at me passionately and as if I'm the only girl in the world, Archer an expert at this game.

I snap out of Archer's loving look and find myself next to a slightly pissed off Ryder.

"You're blocking my locker," Ryder says with a forced smile to Archer.

Archer just moves his arms and shrugs, moving me out of the way and shutting my locker door. He grabs my hand and walks me to my class on the right, I feel Ryder's eyes on us the whole time.

I give Archer a kiss on the cheek, leaving a bit of lipstick on it, and walk into class with a grin. I give a glance back to see Archer against the doorframe smirking, his hand against his cheek as if he was very satisfied.

I sit myself down and take out my class supplies, the girl next to me giving me a few glances a minute.

As she glances I realize that Ryder's locker is nowhere near mine, now knowing that Ryder is in fact bothered by the idea of Archer and me together.

I get my train of thoughts interrupted by the glancing brunette.

"Are you two dating?" she asks curiously.

I look over at her, giving an innocent look with a small smile.

"I suppose, we're definitely more than just kisses."

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