Chapter 21: the one where they go to show but ex comes up

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Emily P.O.V

We reached our destination. There were hundreds of reporters, cameramen, bunch of celebrities posing for pictures to be published in page 3. All this was very new for me. I only once went to Lexi's show a year before or so. Chris came to my side of the door and opened it. He extended his hand out for me and I placed my hand in his. I will never be tired of doing this.

Chris placed his hand around my waist as we posed for few photographs. There were reporters asking us various questions about our personal life but we chose not to answer them and we went inside the hall.

Our seat was in the front row and I was very happy as we could watch the show more closely. We sat in our seats. One lady announced that show begins in 5 minutes.

"Excited?" Chris asked.

"Very much." I said happily.

And the show started. Various models were coming and going wearing Dior outfits. I liked few outfits too. And last came the showstopper, our very own Lexi Willams. She looked so very pretty. She was just suited for this job.

"Lexi looks so beautiful!"

Chris smiled and nodded.

The show ended after that.

We were at the after party of the show waiting for Lexi to meet us. And there she came.

"Hey you looked so beautiful!" I hugged her.

"Thanks Em." She grinned.

"You were amazing." Chris said.

"Oh thank you Chris. I am glad you both came." Lexi said.

"Ofcourse we had to." I said.

"Okay give me a minute guys, I had to meet these very important people. I will be back in a minute." Lexi said.

"Alright." I said.

Just then a woman appeared who well I didnt want to see forever. Ofcourse it was Georgia. She came towards us.

"Oh Emily we meet twice in a day!" She said faking a laugh.

"You met her today?" Chris asked me surprised.

"Emily you didnt tell Chris about our lovely meet. Come on were you scared that he will leave you?"

"Georgia we are not interested in talking with you. So we will leave you alone." Chris said and took my hand and we went outside in garden area.

"Why didnt you tell me you met her today?" Chris asked me sounding a bit angry.

"Chris I thought it will just spoil your mood. And also I was not at all bothered by her." I lied partially.

"Oh really? That was the reason you were awfully quiet today!" Chris asked.

"No it isnt like that."

"What did she tell you Emily?" Chris asked sounding more angry.

"Nothing." I lied. I dont know why I didnt want to tell him the real reason.

"Emily you are lying. I want the truth. Tell me."

I said nothing.

"Emily" Chris shouted.

"Okay okay you want to hear what she said. Here's what she said: That I am a gold digging bitch and I will be never be good enough for you. Happy?" I shouted.

Tears were rolling down my face. Gosh why I am such a crybaby.

"I am so sorry Em. I didnt mean to shout at you. Its just that Georgia is the most evil woman I know. And I know she will try to hurt you or break our relationship and I dont want to loose you Em." Chris said with utmost honesty.

"I am sorry for not telling you as I too dont want to loose you." I said it too.

"Emily get this straight in your head that you are not a gold digging bitch okay? And you are what I need the most in my life. To be honest I think I dont deserve you. You are such a kind, beautiful soul and because of me you had to hear all of that."

"Chris its not your fault. And like you said you are what I need the most in my life."

Chris hugged me tightly. I wrapped my hands around his waist I felt so serene, so at peace that I wanted this moment to last forever. Chris cupped my face with his hands and pressed his lips to mine. The feeling was pure bliss. There were butterflies dancing in my stomache. But after few minutes we had to break kiss because of lack of air.

We interwined our fingers and went inside to tell Lexi that we were leaving. We didnt have any mood to stay here. And we were sure Lexi would understand. After we told her we left the party.

"Where to miss?" Chris asked me, now he was driving.

"Maybe macdonald?"

"Great. I would love that."

It was actually weird, we were wearing so formal, designer dresses and we were going to mcdonald. But who cares?

We entered macdonald, everyone looking at us in shock. But we didnt pay any hid. We got our orders and sat at a table. We had spicy chicken, french fries and two cokes.

"Chris are you still angry with me?" I asked just to be sure.

"No Em. Why do you think so?"

"No I just asked to make sure you arent. You know me meeting your ex you must be angry." I said.

"Em I was not angry at the fact that you met her, it wasnt your fault. I was angry at the fact that you didnt tell me."

"I will tell you everything from now on."

"Thats like a good girl."

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