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The redhead sat up from her daisy covered bedsheets.

She let the light in, it was only bit of light she could have, it was the kind of light that let you day dream.

And on regular days she would love the light, but for today it only followed with rain.

Last Night.

The redhead pulled away from the kiss, fluttering her eyes.

"I- uh- I'm sorry, this is wrong- well not wrong- but- I-''

"Still haven't figured out your feelings?"

"Yeah.. I'm sorry, I understand if you don't want to be a choice- or you don't-''

"I like you Anne. And your worth staying for."

"I- thanks."

She thought she heard someone in the distance, a bush ruffle, or a twig stepped on, but she dismissed it, hearing what she only wanted to be heard.

The curly haired boy stepped on Ruby's door step.

A place that he thought that he could possibly have the chance of confession of love then got turned away from.

He sat hands in head, wishing to unsee the forbidden moments he saw.

"You okay Gilbert?"
The French boy spoke sitting down with him in the freezing cold.

"Not currently."

"Girl problems?"

"Life ones."
He sat throwing his head back in a small chuckle of the events that happened.

"I- I like a girl, a she's amazing, but she kissed someone else.. would it be fair of me to still lov- like her if she's moved on?"

"Mmm, you can't always exactly move on, but I think it's okay to hold on if there's a chance, as long as you don't interfere."

"What about the whole, "if you love her let her go" thing?"

"Well do you love her?"

He felt the words expressed by the French boy be so abstract that they were misused, but just enough known where he knew his answer.

"You know what? I think I do."

"Then don't let go of that, true love..
That shit is hard to find."
The boy chuckled thinking of the raven haired girl.

"It is indeed.. but what if she doesn't love me?"

"Then you did all you could to ever love her, and at that moment, that's all you can ever do."

"Thanks, pft when did you start becoming such a smartass?"

"When you started becoming a dumbass."

"Well played."


"Hey Anne can you pick that up?"
The blonde haired girl said gesturing to the pile of trash caused by the party.

"Sure, by the way, you are very lucky I brought gloves, or else I wouldn't be helping as much."
She giggled picking up a red cup.

"Haha very funny... also, Anne I was wrong."

The redhead placed her bag of trash down.

"That girl Gilbert was with, was his cousin."


"Does that change anything? Also I'm sorry- it wasn't my place and I-''
The blonde girl rambled putting a piece of trash in.

"It's okay Ruby, you were only trying to help. And, it doesn't change anything, I'm not a Gilbert Blythe fan, end of story."

"Whatever you say.. but does that mean you feel something for William?"

"Yes? Maybe? No? I don't know."
She huffs as she sits down.

"Well, he seems nice, and he looks like he cares."

"Yeah, he does.."
She looks down at the trash remembering the trash clean up and the leaf fight with the curly haired boy.

"Anne, just- who ever you end up to be with, make sure you really like him, or they is no reason to be with the person."

"Your right, thanks."

"Anytime, now.. pick up that trash!"
The blonde girl giggled.

"Hey Gilbert, I'm back."
She spoke.

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