Useful (Espio the Chameleon x Reader)

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"Welcome to the capital, team Chaotix." The female guide, a (f/c) (a/t), plastered a wide smile on her face and gestured at the ornate building in front of them. The Chaotix were here on official detective business, though the warm welcome wasn't unwelcome. 

"Thanks," Vector said, patting the (a/t)'s shoulder. "Miss...." 

"You may call me (Y/n). I will be your guide around the city for whatever you need as long as it suits the president's guidelines." 

"Sweet! Exploration!" Charmy shouted, doing a flip in the air. (Y/n) briefly glanced at him, then back to Espio and Vector. 

"Where would you like to go first?" she inquired. "Since you are here on official detective business, I assume you would either like to be escorted to your living quarters for the duration of your trip or get to work as soon as possible, unless you want and can afford to do both in a timely manner." Espio frowned slightly. Something was already off with this (a/t). 

"We'll just get settled down for now," Vector said, something in his tone hinting he had caught onto the same thing Espio had. 

"Very well. Your hotel is not very far from here. I can give you directions, unless you rather me escort you there." 

"Directions! Directions! I love a good adventure!" Charmy exclaimed, hovering over (Y/n)'s shoulder. Her expression never faltered as she wrote down the directions and handed the sheet to Vector. The crocodile took it, muttering a quick thank you and handing the paper to Charmy, who shot off down the street. 

"Wait!" the head of the Chaotix called. "How are me and Espio supposed to get there if you take the directions?" 

"Here," (Y/n) said, handing them a second paper with the same information. "If you ever need me, I trust you know how to contact me." 

"Of course," Espio said. "Thank you." She ignored his gratitude and simply bowed her head respectfully before marching away rather robotically. Espio studied her as she turned the corner, then followed Vector, who had set off at a brisk pace, to catch up with Charmy. 


"So squishy!" Charmy sighed as he flopped onto the plush couch. 

"It is a nice place," Vector said. "Good place to get some work done comfortably." Espio said nothing, running his hand along the counter in the tiny kitchen, almost suspiciously. He couldn't stop thinking about (Y/n) something seemed almost supremely wrong with her attitude, the fake smile and extremely formal talk. And the way she walked. Just, everything about her was wrong. 

"Something on your mind, Es?" Vector asked as he set his gear on the table. Charmy was whistling a cheerful tune with his hands braced behind his head. 

"Nothing," the chameleon assured his colleague. "I'm sure all will be revealed soon enough." Vector shrugged. 

"I guess," he said. "I mean, it always is." Espio leaned against the wall, staring at the floor. 

"Yes," he murmured, almost more to himself. "It always is." 


The next day, after they'd completely settled in and gotten a game plan set out, they headed back to the capitol for an audience with the president, who had a crucial role in their case. (Y/n) was there to meet them, friendly smile plastered to her face and everything. 

"Welcome," she said. "The president is waiting for you." She led them inside the building, heading straight for the formal meeting room. Once inside, she walked to the front and sat in a tiny chair that looked supremely uncomfortable next to the president, the Chaotix seated in a row in front of them. 

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