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Raynas POV

       "  Whew I'm exhausted ." I groan falling into my back , my hand trailing itself through the grass around me .

 Chióni across from me sitting crisscrossed and barely looking winded . She claps her hands once smiling "You did great today Ray! It was a good warmup." My eyes practically fell out of my head 


 I groan loudly staring at the sky , it was dark now and the stars shown through the openings between the trees overhead , I took a deep breath taking in the view . However the sound of a branch breaking alerting me that someone is in the area , I quickly stand up as Chióni disappears back into the Mark , I stand in a defensive position ready to run or defend myself in the case of an attacker . 

There's silence for a minute before I speak loudly my voice being carried through the trees . " I know you're there ! Just come out." I grab a large branch off the ground next to me . A large Black wolf steps out of the shadows into a spot illuminated by the moon . The wolf looked extremely similar to Alois's except for the large scar across its backside where the silver mark was on Al . I guess all wolves would look similar though  . It's not like I have anything else to compare it to . 

The wolf stalked closer making me back up slightly. "Ray there's something odd about this wolf , it's definitely not Alois but it is? That wolfs soul is giving me the same reading as Alois." 

My eyes went wide as I stood frozen in my spot . But this isn't alois right? "What do you mean, could it be a mistake ?"

I ask chi carefully observing the wolf while keeping my distance it following suit . " A persons soul reading is something tailored to specifically them , even if you're related or twins your soul reading can't be identical . " 

so this person ... how is their...

 "Who are you?"


Alois POV

     "Alpha we handled the rogue problem , the wife was found and placed in the prisons their son Kyland however had no idea of what was going on , hes stationed in Japan at The moment and judging by his reaction he was almost as angry as alex and seemed to genuinely care for Rayna." One of my pack warriors reported to me as he walked into my office .

 I nod at him as I turn to Demetri, 

"I have to meet with the Elders today , Raynas showering at the house , could you check on her in about an hour ? Just make sure she's okay and if she needs anything my card is in my bottom dresser in my room you know the pin already, I'm going to be gone for a while but I'll let her know when the meetings over ." I say hurriedly getting my things together as I was already late . 

" Yeah man I got you ." He says while texting making me roll my eyes. He better have heard me . Running down the stairs I quickly jump in my car speeding in the direction of the council of elders. The council is made up of the elders of each race in the supernatural world , that includes , fairies,witches/warlocks,vampires, angels ,demons, werewolves and elemental spirits though we haven't seen one of those in millenniums . 


      The drive takes about 45 minutes before I'm at the door of the councils mansion . I fix my suit getting out of my car. I'm greeted by the usual servants and the councils personal "sister" that blesses me before I'm allowed to walk in . As I walk in I'm led down two hallways to a set of double doors . I open the door quietly seeing that the meeting has already started causing all heads to turn to me . I bow to the council and straighten my face 

"My apologies Elders, I was having an issue that involved the safety of my mate that caused me to be late." I say before waiting .

 " You May rise Alpha Black ." The elder of the water people says as others agree with him. I stand up and nod before taking my seat at the table next to the Werewolf elder. 

 "As we were discussing before , the vasílissa needs to be found or the balance of our worlds risk being disrupted. It's been almost 19 years since the orb of Goddess Selene has been last active . The demons race, vampire race, and some rogues of each of our races have given word of a possible coup de ta in a few months . We need to find the vasílissa before they do or risk the balance of our worlds. " 

 The Elder of the Shifters speaks his tone showing concern and worry . "Well how are we supposed to find her ? We don't even know where to start. What if the orb of Selene never even began to glow and it was just a trick of the light. The watchers are pretty old their eyes could easily be tricked." The elder of the elves said making the room reject in distaste although some quietly agreeing . 

The elder of the wolf's , elder Alrick quickly stands up slamming his hands on the table. "That's false, how dare you even say something like that . That can't be possible because the protectors of the vasílissa have already been chosen. The marks that they wear on their bodies serving as proof ." He quickly rejected growling out causing the whole table to be covered in silence . It's like this for a few minutes before I'm called to attention . "What do you think on the matter Alpha Black ?" The Elder of the vampire race asks making everyone at the table once again bring there attention to me . "

What do I think?" He nods before continuing "Yes , you bare the mark of the guardians , do you think you and your team are any closer to finding the vasílissa." He asks a glint of annoyance in his eyes , 

I sighed moving my hair out of my face

"I think it's going to be a very long meeting ."


About 2-3 hours have passed since the meeting started and it feels like we've gotten nowhere. 

"Do you want us to send 3,000 warriors on a wild goose chase ?" 

"Well until you change gender and can shift into two forms AND have multiple elemental spirits. I DONT SEE A BETTER OPTION." The Alerick and the elder of the vampires have been arguing for at least and hour , it's turned into less of meeting between elders and more of a debate between cousins . 

Tired of watching them yell at each other I check my phone seeing 6 message notifications and 10 missed calls from Demetri instantly making my heart drop as I open them . 

D: Hey Alois you sure she was taking a shower before you left?
D: dude ,she's not here
D: you think she went for a run
D: patrol hasn't seen her either
D: I can't even pick up on her scent .
D: you need to come back ASAP 

  I shot out of my seat before sprinting out of the door to my car , I waste no time putting on my seatbelt before speeding into the direction of the pack house . I shoot elder Alerick a mindlink to make him aware of the situation before blocking my mindlink to everyone . 

Dammit Rayna I cant leave you alone for A second can I ?

Raynas POV

The wolf and I are locked in a stare as I'm backing away . "Can you please shift to human form ?" They stare at me like I'm crazy , maybe I am crazy . It could be just a regular wolf and I'm just paranoid . 

I slowly reach my hand out to pat it's head when it Suddenly wolf bites my hand making me cry out in pain . Fuck ! Why did I do that. The wolf takes one last look at me before running away into the forest. I feel my body heating up as all of my senses are blocked out . 

My whole body feels like it's burning up 

 I try to cool myself by chilling the area I'm in yet , to no avail . My body begins to shake as my muscles clench in pain . A morphed sounding blood curdling scream wrecks it's way through my body as tears stream down my face . The heat practically evaporating them . I feel myself losing breath the sounds of bones cracking drowning out the sound of anything else as darkness takes over me

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