Sleepless nights

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Raynas POV

               ' Where am I? ' I think to myself I'm looking around. The surroundings were different then where I was before. The previous trees were replaced by large boulders that were almost completely flat . 

Myself being in the middle of them all . I walked around paying closer attention to the details on the rocks, which is what caused me to notice that on each rock their was a different symbol. I turned to the last stone seeing the symbol was dark, unlike the others that were glowing in light. "Hello my child" the angelic voice startles me as I thought I was alone. I turn around seeing a lady dressed in a soft blue. 

Her almost white skin covered in tribal looking marks that stretched from her head to her feet. Her eyes were Golden and her hair was pitch black . She was beautiful. As if reading my mind she smiles at me. " My name is Selene, Im the Goddess that oversees all living beings." I was shocked , Immediately I lowered to one knee and bowed . 

" My apologies your highness, I did not realize."

She could literally strike me down with the flick of a wrist yet there I was standing with her as though we were equal . 

She chuckled " Raise your head filia ." Shes says drawing my attention to her face.  

What's that? 

"You'll learn soon my love. For now , you must choose and awaken." She says motioning towards the boulders surrounding us  . 

I look at her confused. "I already have chí ! And I haven't even fully mastered nor understood why I needed to master ." I say distractedly.  She lowers herself down til her feet is touching the floor. Her 5'8 frame making me feel smaller than usual as she radiated power. She kissed the top of my head and looked at me. " Follow your instincts when you choose. You can do this, everything will be explained in due time ."  She says as she slowly fades away. 

I stare in confusion as my face twists into a worried expression. How was I supposed to  know it was all so much. I look around at the different curves on the boulders before one catches my eye. I sigh tracing my fingers over the design before placing my hand on it . Almost immediately it begins to glow under my hand and my body begins to feel hot all over again. I retract my hand shaking them out .   "Shit" I groan before my vision goes black.


My eye lids feel heavy but I manage to open them my eyes quickly adjusting to the darkness , an eerie silence falling around me. I listen carefully trying to get any sign I'm back in the 'real world' . I hear the distant sound of someone talking. 

I stand up once I notice it's Al and Alex? I look to my side seeing the clock on the nightstand reading '3:14 Am' in bold red letters. What's Alex doing here at 3 in the morning? I manage to get out of bed and silently head to the door . It sounds like they're right there, should I let them know I'm awake. 

I think for a moment before peaking my head through the door only to be confused as to why I don't see them yet they sound so loud. I head towards the sound of their voices . After walking down the stairs and to the kitchen, I find them , an amazing smell hitting My nose like a truck. I stare down at A shirtless Al from the corner of the room. His back is turned to me but he looks frustrated. His back muscles were tense and moved as he did . Just the thought of my hands gripping and scratching at his back as he pounds into m- . 

" Whatever you're thinking of Rayna , I suggest you stop." A deep growl forms in his throat as he seems to barely get the words out. 

I let my eyes Roam up his body as I'm now staring directly at his chest. How good it would feel to have my lips trail from his stomach to his lips. 

"Stop . Now." 

My eyes reach his as I sense the hunger pouring out of him . My eyes find his lips And my legs clench slightly . 

His tongue and hands working their way down to my center , teasing it before slowly slipping his han- I'm snapped out of my thoughts by Alois who's picked me up and thrown me over his shoulder. He brings me to his room and I hear the faint sound of a door closing , Assuming it was Alex. I'll have to ask him why he was here later .  Al drops me on the bed then locks the door . The lights are off but I can see his eyes are battling shifting from blue/grey to black. 

His face twists up into a smirk . "Now what were you thinking about sweetheart." He says stalking towards me slowly. As soon as he spoke every ounce of boldness was immediately gone .. my face turned red as I looked down at my feet moving my hair out of my face . "I was just uh-." He stands one front of me tilting my head up to meet me eye to eye . His eyes completely shifted to his normal cold colors , but this time . A hint of amusement. I swallow the lump in my throat " I was just thinking about how much work I have to do tomorrow." It's not like he can read my mind , he won't know the difference. 

"You're lying Ray." He says his smirk growing wider as he leans closer to my face making my breath catch in my throat. "I could feel you eye fucking me . And your scent made it all the more obvious." He whispers his lips brushing my ear causing a shiver down my body. My hand brushed my thigh before falling on the bed to support my body . His lips pressed against my cheek, before trailing down to my collarbone ,  his warm lips sent a shock everywhere they touched . My body arched against him causing his eyes to get dark. "Tell me what you want." He says his hands rubbing under my shirt and to my chest his hand brushing over one of my already hard nipples . He smirks kissing down to my thighs . Leaving a lingering kiss over my center . My breathing picks up as I whine . He brings his hands down slowly , then falling over my panties. "What do you want me to do Rayna." He asks. His voice dangerously close to my center , the few words sending vibrations to it . "Please Al." I barely manage to get out. He teases the hem of my panties pulling at them with his teeth. "What do you want me to do to you Rayna." He says his voice getting deeper as he presses his lips to my panties . The vibrations becoming more active . "I want you ." His face turns up into a smirk , as if A switch was switched . He pulls down my panties using his tongue to-. 


The sound startled me and I shot up , my eyes frantically searching the room as my eyes are adjusting to the bright sun rays . I see the source of the sound and glare at the alarm clock next to me . I hit snooze before falling back into the bed . I cover my face with a pillow before groaning loudly . "Fuck."

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