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Charlotte was sitting in the living room the Salvatore house reading when something hit her in the face, blinking with surprise she pulled it away to see a dress. The dress was the same one she'd worn to homecoming, Caroline had let her keep it and it stood in her closet as the only dress she owned.

She looked up at the culprit, "Get dressed Charlie," Damon said, "we're going to dinner."

"Matt and I are meeting up, sorry," she replied lazily, pulling her book open again as she tossed the dress back towards him.

"I didn't ask. Elijah and I have organised a nice old fashioned sit down for-"

Charlotte cut in, putting her book to the side and looking up at Damon, suddenly interested, "Elijah's awake?"

"I undaggered him," Damon grinned cheekily before continuing, "keep up. As I was saying, Elijah and I have organised a sit down for Klaus and Stefan-"

"So take Stefan," Charlotte rolled her eyes, "I told you guys I don't want in on your revenge plot."

"It's not a revenge plot it's a dinner, maybe a distraction," Damon replied, Charlotte looked skeptical still and so Damon pulled out the big guns, "Klaus is less likely to murder us with you there, don't you like us alive."

"Are you technically alive?" Charlotte asked, reluctantly agreeing with a laugh at the frown that crossed Damon's face playfully. She didn't want to see Klaus and she still didn't trust Elijah but she did agree with Damon that the chances of him and Stefan loosing hearts did lower if she attended.

"Can't i just wear this?" she motioned to the shirt and pants combination she was already wearing, "Surely a dress is overkill."

"Wear the dress Charlie," Damon called, leaving the room, "We leave in thirty."


Charlotte had put on the dress and when Matt had whined over the phone about her cancelling she'd passed it to Damon to make him explain why she had to cancel despite her very strong rejection of the supernatural world. The three had reluctantly made their way to Klaus' residence with only Damon somewhat excited, Stefan was as grumpy as Charlotte and had been passing her a flask even as they drove over.

"Niklaus, our guests have arrived," Elijah called out as he opened the door to the three Salvatores. He was wearing a suit, as always, mirroring the formal looks that his guests reluctantly wore. Stefan and Damon pushed through past Elijah but Charlotte paused, remembering her manners.

"Elijah," Charlotte greeted, "thank you for having us." 

Despite her pleasantries, she eyed him wearily, aware of the fact that he was the one who'd betrayed her brothers during their last alliance. She was here as requested, she would treat him more respectfully than likely Klaus or her brothers would, but she felt a little uncomfortable.  

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