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"I forgive you" Someone said behind Sophie and Keefe as they walked to the leap master together. They both whipped around, and as they saw who it was Keefe snorted
"That's not how this works" Keefe grabbed Sophie's hand, squeezing it hard
"I said, I forgive you" Fitz repeated, his eyes locked on where Keefe held Sophie's hand
"Yeah, and I said that's not how this works" Keefe agreed "you don't forgive us for a decision that makes both of us happy because you can't get over your ex girlfriend" Sophie gave Keefe's hand a warning squeeze, trying to remind him to keep his voice down. He shot a quick look at Sophie, one she couldn't really decipher.
"I am over her!" Fitz shouted
"Sure" Keefe nodded, which he somehow managed to make look sarcastic
"Ugh!" Fitz looked at a loss for words, turning away and stomping down the hall. Sophie and Keefe stared after him.
"Thanks" Sophie cleared her throat, trying to make her voice stronger "thanks for dealing with that. I couldn't.. I can't believe he forgave us"
"I know" Keefe shook his head, and they both turned around and kept walking, the hallways now empty around them

*Now in Keefe's POV. Well, kinda*

A knock rang through the empty halls of Everglen, a rustling noise coming quick after
"I told you, Biana, for the last time. I don't want to play basequest right now" the door creaked open, and Fitz cut himself off as he took in the gal blond that was there "oh, it's you" Fitz tried to close the door in his face, but Keefe slammed his hand and pushed back before he could. He was silent until his teal eyes met his ice blue ones
"Can we talk? Please" weather it was some emotion behind Keefe's eyes or the strain in his voice, or maybe even Fitz felt nice that day, but the door opened wider.
"Fine. Come on"

"Do you remember our first year together in foxfire? Before Sophie showed up?" Keefe asked once he has sat down in one of the armchairs around the room
"Most of it" Fitz shrugged
"Do you remember Aurelia Costello?" Keefe asked. Fitz stopped breathing for a second
"Yes" he muttered
"So you remember that we both liked her" Keefe asked, waiting until Fitz nodded "and that we both did stupid things. Got in huge arguments. Tried to win her over?" Keefe asked. Fitz nodded again, his breath still shallow "So you remember that it got to the point where we barely talked. And when we both finally told her, she thought we were both childish and decided to go out with Aslin Breaker" Keefe asked
"Yes, I remember all that. What, are you just trying to make me feel even worse?" Fitz asked impatiently
"If you remember all of that, then you have to remember that once we finally stared talking again, the first thing we agreed on was that we would never, ever let another girl come between us" Keefe said. Fitz sat silently, staring out his window. After a long, awkward silence he muttered
"Yeah, I remember that too"
"But that's exactly what we're doing. And... as much as I like Soph, I still miss you, too. We like, never hang out anymore"  Fitz deflate slightly
"Yeah, we are doing again. Wanna. . . Go play bramble?" Fitz asked. Keefe grinned, sitting up higher and letting out the breath he was holding
"Thought you'd never ask"

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