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"Did that just really happen?" Sophie asked
"It's did" Biana said, nodding
"But... how?" Dex asked, who had finally been filled in on the situation
"I'm amazing!" Keefe smirked. They all turned from watching a happy Fitz walk away to Keefe
"You? Did that? We just had a great conversation with him after a huge fight! How?" Sophie asked
"I... talked to him. Not getting into specifics, but I'm basically the best" Keefe took a bite of something that looked like a purple apple, grinning. Sophie leaned closer to him, whispering
"Well, I already knew that" and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Dex tried for a smirk as both the blonds blushed, and Biana giggled
"What happened to the gagging?" Sophie asked
"That's reserved for Fitzphie. Fosterkeefe is much better" Dex said. Sophie blushed even harder, but Keefe smirked. The bells chimed, marking the end of Lunch hour, and the group got up, parting ways.

Everything changed after that day. First, it was just some small things. Fitz talked to them more, stopped avoiding them, and had some really nice conversations. Then, he started inviting people over again, and started sitting with the crew at lunch again. He seemed to be especially close to Keefe, almost always making sure to sit next to him. Tam and Linh came back from the emotional break Leto had given them after Tam got back, and finally everything was good. But like all good things, it came to an end.

"How could you let this happen!" A squeaky voice rang down the stairs, interrupting Sophie and Keefe's conversation
"Me!? You're the one who let your guard down! It's your fault!" A gravely voice shot back
"No, you were responsible for the sweep today! I was with Sophie" Sandors voice retorted. Sophie and Keefe exchanged a glance, and shot off the sofa and up the stairs in record time, together. Sophie threw her hand across Keefe's chest as the came to the top of the stairs, putting her finger to her lips. They crept silently forward, cracking the door open. Bo and Sandor stood in the middle of Sophie's room, arguing. Bo held an envelope in his hand, and Sandor had a small charm in his open palm, holding it out to Bo as evidence. Keefe and Sophie looked at each other and a silent agreement passed between them. Sophie ticked off her fingers
One, two, three with a wave of her hand she signaled, shoving the door open with all of her might. Sandor and Bo looked up, and in a moment of confusion Sophie sprang for the charm as Keefe snatched the letter
"Letter!" He yelled
"Charm!" She replied, and they knew they had both the items
"Run!" The concluded, and both sprinted down the stairs and out the front door as fast as they could, footsteps sounding behind them. Sophie led, weaving in and out of pastures and enclosures at lightning speed, going no where in particular. Eventually the heavy footsteps faded, so finally Sophie stopped. She was out a long ways, past even Silvinys old cage. She sat, her back to the side of the building they hid behind, what looked like an old shed.
"Letter first" Sophie told Keefe, slipping the charm onto her bracelet
"Whatever time, but in the next two days. Bring the boy, yours truly, Lady Gisela" Keefe read aloud
"Oookay. So. . ." Sophie thought "should we, or should we not?"
"I should go" Keefe whispered "alone"
"No" Sophie said it with such force it made her jump a little "besides, I have the charm right here" Sophie held up her hand, jingling the bracelet. Keefe looked her in the eye, and snapped his fingers. His eyes squeezed shut, and he held out his hand. Nothing happened.
"You tried to steal it?!" Sophie yelled
"I- you shouldn't go! It's dangerous" Keefe responded, ripping a hand through his hair
"Exactly! Which is why we go together" Sophie responded. At some point she had gotten up, and took a step closer
"If anything, I should go alone. I have my new inflicting and ground teleporting we figured out. Conjuring is good durning a battle, but not when the opponent is the one who gave you the power!" Sophie pointed out
"You're not going alone" Keefe said
"You're not either!" Sophie said, blood pounding in her ears
"Great, we go together" Keefe said "right now!" He wrapped an arm around Sophie, holding her hand up towards the light. Sophie just got a glimpse of Sandors angry expression as he tried to grab them before Keefe put his foot into the light

"Ugh, where are we?" Keefe groaned, sitting up slowly
"Looks like" Sophie sat up, too. Not only was the leaping crystals landing weird- they landed flat on their backs, feet apart from each other- the travel felt like going through sand paper. "Oh, no. No, please no" Sophie whispered, her eyesight slowly clearing.
"What? What's wrong?" Keefe asked, scooting closer and putting an arm around her shoulder. He eyed the people milling around them, as if two teens appearing out of no where was normal for this bridge
"This.. We're on Pont Alexandre III. In Paris" Sophie mumbled. Paris. That sounded familiar to Keefe
"Ok, breath. And why is this not a good place?" Keefe asked
"This.. is the place me and Dex where. Right before I- I almost faded" Sophie said, a distinct tremor in her voice. Keefe looked around once again
"Yeah, definitely not a good place"

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