Chapter 52

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"Soulful love, is poetry in motion”

Rehab's p.o.v

I groaned in sleep and took my phone which was ringing since past hour.

"Who is having mout(death) this early in morning?"
I shouted in sleep without bothering to see caller I'd.

"Your dad!!!"
I quickly looked at caller I'd and sat up.

"Yushaa!! Why the hell man you are calling me this early?"
I was still annoyed.

"Lisfen Rehab! We have got a new danger.  John had a cousin who is now getting mad to take revenge from the one who killed John. "

"Hmm! What's his name?"

"Leonardo Leizain.."

"Ok Yusha! I am coming back tomorrow. "

"No no! Rehab i told you because as a leader you should know on which border your army is fighting."

"I know Yusha thats why i am voming back. My men are fighting there without caring about their lives and i can't let them alone. "

"I knew it! But you know we will manage everything here. You don't have to..."

"I am coming back that's end of conversation.!!"
I said sternly and he suppressed a laugh.

"Ok boss!"

I bid my farewall and went towards washroom taking my shift from side of bed.

Tooba was not here means she may be inside.

After taking a detailed shower I went towards kitchen from where a very delicious odour was coming.

I saw tooba frying something.
A smilemade it's way towards my lips remembering our last night's intimate moments.

She was too engrossed in her work that she didn't notice me.

"Hey beautiful!!"
I hugged her from behind.

"Hey handsome!!"
She chirped back.

"What are you doing?"
I said placing my chin on her shoulder.

"Frying nuggets."

"This time?"

"Yeah! I was craving for it man!"

"Hmm! Cravings huh??"
I said with a meaningful smile on my lips and she hummed.

"Ahan only two nights and here you have cravings.."
She looked at me confused but when realization hit her she shouted so loud .

"Rehaaaabbbb!!! Shameless man!!!"
She said throwing things on me.

After playing with her for some time we sat on table for lunch.

She was still making annoyed faces looking at me.

I laughed hard at her expressions.

After lunch she was about to stand up with dishes when I called her.

"Tooba we have to return back ."
Her movements stopped and she looked at me shocked.

"Is everything ok  ? Why so sudden??"

"Yeah everything is ok.  It's just.. just some work has came. I have to guide my men you know.."
I said standing up.

She thought for a moment.
"Please understand.  I know I am destroying your vacations but I have to return what should I do..."
I was blabbering when she put her palm on my mouth.

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