Chapter Eight: Tea with a piece of Gossip

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My lips curled into a smirk as Raelia took a seat beside me. All the guests were staring at Raelia and I intently, waiting impatiently for me to introduce her.

Just like the other ladies, Lady Irene was also curious about her and therefore questioned," Won't you do us the honour of introducing this pretty lady sitting beside you, Lady Eliza?"

"Oh my apologies Lady Irene. The pleasure is all mine. The person you see sitting in front of you is my younger sister. Her name is Raelia Rosario," I said with a courteous smile.

With a surprised expression on her face Lady Irene replied, "I do not understand as far as we all know Marquess Brandon only has one child which is you, Lady Eliza."

Finally, from here on out I am going to be the saintess Eliza.

"You are correct, Lady Irene. However, I am sure you all know how kind and generous my father the Marquess is. He found Raelia in an orphanage and took pity to her. Although she is not my biological sister, I think of her as my own blood. I hope you will all treat her kindly," I stated with a deep bow.

The guests burst out in whispers as I kept my head bowed.

Some talked about how benevolent I was "Lady Eliza truly has a kind heart. To accept some child who isn't even her blood and treat her so nicely...I don't think I would be able to do that" while others murmured "Adopting a stranger who is not of noble blood...she doesn't even have a blessed name."

Things are progressing as planned fortunately.

Breaking the uncomfortable air filled with whispers, Lady Irene said "Of course we will take care of her since it's a request from you. You don't have to be so humble. Please raise your head."

The Lady Irene I knew from my previous life was someone who had a heart of gold and was very generous. If I continue the saintess act, it will only be a matter of time before I secure her as an ally.

"Thank you, Lady Irene you are truly as kind as everyone says," I complimented her, in a sweet voice.

"Oh no, you flatter me," she replied, blushing.

Just like that time passed by with Lady Irene and I chatting and all the other ladies giving awkward glances towards Raelia whose face showed how left out she felt and the tea party eventually came to an end.

As Raelia and I headed to our respective chambers, she suddenly grasped my hand.

"Sister I felt so scared among all those people. I don't ever want to meet them again," Raelia said, hugging me.

I hugged her tighter and answered, "It's okay. Your sister is here with you. I will protect you."

Oh, my silly sister, little do you know you are seeking help from the person who will bring you the most harm.

Laying on my bed I wondered, since when Raelia had hated me. Was it from the moment we met, the moment she saw how privileged and loved I was or when my engagement with Uken was decided? Well, none of that really mattered because I was determined to have my revenge.

The next morning I awoke to Mariah's naggings and to escape from them, sneaked out to visit my father without an escort. I noticed that there was no one standing guard outside my father's study which meant that he was discussing something important with his trusted aide and personal knight Sir Elliot. Curiosity got the better of me and I leaned in to listen in on them.

"How is the investigation regarding the attempt to assassinate the crown prince going?" my father asked in a low voice.

"There is not much progress. The culprit planned this very thoroughly," Eliiot responded.

"Indeed. Although I myself searched for information, asking around to the best information brokers in town, there is no absolute evidence that would lead us to the culprit," father said, clearly concerned.

Eliiot opened his mouth and hesitantly provided his own insight on the matter, "In my humble opinion, I think the culprit may be the Em-"but instantly got cut off by my father's words, "Elliot! You shouldn't utter such things without proof! If you were to say this in front of someone else you would be immediately beheaded!"

"I apologise for my rudeness, My Lord" Elliot said, sincerely.

I decided to pay father a visit later and headed back for my chambers. Various thoughts filled my mind.

I was executed because I was framed for attempting to poison the Crown Prince. I thought Raelia was the one who planned it all. It seems that there is more to it than what catches the eye. Did Raelia have an ally or what if she was a mere pawn for someone else? Only time can tell.

Afternoon was always a peaceful matter for me. I spent them drinking tea with Mariah by my side what I would say normally but the mansion suddenly had a guest visiting. I could already guess who it was, after all nobody other than him will arrive at a Marquess's estate on such a short notice. It was Duke Orion and maybe even that despicable Uken will tag along.

Raelia and Uken won't be able to meet each other as Raelia was quite shy as a child and even now rarely leaves her room. If that's the case then I can just make sure she sees Uken from her room and starts falling for him. The sooner the better. Ah I really am going to savour every moment of my revenge.

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