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Jungkook's POV :-

I woke up with my alarm going off. Yawning and stretching my arms, I adjusted myself to the sunlight, as I rubbed my eyes.

"Wake up Mr. Jeon....."

A message popped up in my phone, like everyday and a small smile played on my lips as I saw the sender's name.

'Miss Lee Y/N....'

She is my manager.
I mean, the general manager of my company....!!

But, the biggest part of her job is to make me do my job. She used to complain before so much, because I was never a hardworking person like my dad.

After taking up his position in the company, he left me under her supervision, saying that she was the best and the most trustworthy.

It irked me so much before, to work under certain someone, being the cheif executive officer myself.

Earlier it was such a pain to take her orders. Well....she never ordered me, but my ego lead me into a number of misunderstandings about her, and I used to hate her so much.

I used to think that I hate her...!


I groaned a little, still smiling like a fool. Walking downstairs, I took an apple in my hand, too late already to have any breakfast.

"Sir, please have your meal....."

The butler spoke, bowing to me and I bowed back , humbly refusing. I was never this humble before....! Shit! But I cannot help being one now.

"I am already la--....."

I couldn't complete as another message popped up in my phone.

"You still have time for the meeting, eat well or else you will start getting grumpy....!"

I chuckled a little, reading her message. When dad told me that she was the best to handle me, he wasn't joking at all.

The butler looked at me weirdly, as I sat down, munching on the toasts which he made, being all smiley.

What are you even doing to me Y/N...?

Walking inside the office, I saw everyone bowing to me and I bowed back again.

They were still getting used to my politeness and I couldn't help but search for a certain someone, until my eyes landed on her. It was so different before she came into my life. I was different...!

Rude, narcissistic, jerk, stubborn....what not! I remember how much trouble I caused her while all she was doing was her job to train me well for my position. As she had served my dad too for a long time, she was experienced.

It used to shock me so much seeing her this mature even at such a young age. She never complained about her job. She never complained about me being a trouble maker.

Yeah! She used to whine a little but that too not in front of me. I was never this respectful and responsible before. But seeing her humbleness towards everyone, I tried copying her and look where I am now....!

How did you managed to do this to me Y/N...?

"Earth to Mr. Jeon....."

I heard her sweet voice, and I came out of my daydreaming and looked at her, mesmerized by her shimmering beauty. She was so beautiful naturally. She didn't needed any layers or filters to look beautiful.

"Umm....yeah..! Good morning....."

I blushed a little. Shit! Control Jungkook...! Put your shits together.

She smiled, showing her pearls and my heart skipped a beat, loosing my mind again.Stop being a hormonal teenager....!

I scolded myself mentally, but couldn't help myself as I drooled over her smile.

Why are you doing this to me....? My heartu!

"Your meeting is rescheduled.....they have sent an apology too...."

She said, and I looked at her, paying her my all attention. "So unprofessional....!!" I sighed and saw her shaking her head.

"So....? What now....?"

I looked up to her.

"You don't have much work lined up for today.....! Just few paper works....!"

She said and I nodded.


I started.

"We both are free....then......"

I fumbled a little, looking down, playing with my fingers.


She asked with an amusing smile on her face. She knew what I was going to say. She knew everything and that's the problem. She knew how I felt about her. She knew every effect she had on me. She knew how she was controlling my heart and mind and body and soul and what not!

Such a dominating women you are

"I am coming to your place then.....!"

I huffed out, as I saw no reason to be shy when she knew everything already.

"I miss him ....."

I added as a pout took over my lips and I could see her eyes softening for me.

"Will you listen to me if I say no...?"

She said, arranging the papers, averting her gaze from me.


I smiled big. I never knew I could smile so big but yeah I did!
I never knew a lot of things which I got to know after she came into my life.


Applying brakes to my car, I scooted down, following her as we made our way to her apartment.

We waited a while, as a middle aged women opened the door, smiling warmly at us. She was Joei. His nanny...!

"Did he eat well aunty....? Was he troubling you today....?"

I heard Y/N ask her and she shook her head, smiling.

"A little.....!"

And both the ladies chuckled, while I made my way inside, looking for the little toddler.

I knew all the corners of her apartment already. I have been visiting this place since a long time now so....

"Hey champ....!!"

I squealed happily as I made my way towards the cradle, where baby Jeongwu was lying.
He was her child.

Yeah! She had a child....!
She was a mother of a few months old baby boy.


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