Chapter 24: the one with the double date

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Emily's P.O.V

Past few went extremely well. And by well means very romantic. Chris was proving himself to be worlds best boyfriend. I was happy getting all the attention. Dont get me wrong I too made full Chris favourite dinner. Today we were going on double date with Adam and Jessica to Nobu's.

Chris was going to pick me up at 7. And so I was getting ready. I wore royal blue strapless dress, with that I wore my nude sandals. I left my hair open. I put some eyeliner and light pink shade lipstick.

 I put some eyeliner and light pink shade lipstick

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Chris came to pick me up, I opened the door

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Chris came to pick me up, I opened the door. He was wearing a plain white shirt and jeans and paired it with sneakers.

"Em, do you have to look so gorgeous that I fall in love with you all over again?"

"Yes thats what maybe I plan to do." I said with a teasing smile.

Just the Anna came in living room. Watching us she came towards us. Within past few days, Chris had make a special bond with Anna too.

"Hey Anna."

"Hi Chris."


"Well I have got internship at Lenox Hill hospital. So will be joining from this Monday."

"Oh wow. Thats really good. It is one of the best hospital in the city."

"Yes. I am really excited but a bit nervous too." Anna said biting her lower lip.

"Anna you are a brilliant student. I am sure you will be great. Best of luck!" Chris said while hugging her.

I smiled at the scene. I always wanted a partner who would love and respect my family as much I do. And I guess found it in Chris.

"Hey shall we go? Adam and Jess would be waiting!"

"Sure." I said.

When we reached Nobu's Adam and Jess were already sitting there. We went towards the table. We all hugged each other and sat down. Chris was sitting beside me. In front of me was Jess and beside her was Adam.

"I am so glad we are here. I wanted to do this since the day you told us about Emily." Jess said excitedly.

"I know Jess. But first we wanted to know each other so I used to refuse whenever you used to ask me." Chris said.

"Thats okay we get it." Adam said.

"Lets order the food first, I am hell hungry? Are you hungry Emily?" Jess asked.

"I am always hungry." I said.

"Well then lets call the waiter." Adam said.

We all placed our order and were now back to chit chatting.

"Oh my god! It must be so funny you guys!!" I said laughing.

" Tell me about it Emily, when my dad thought Adam as the electrician guy, I didnt know what to say to him."

"What did you do then?" I asked. I was so curious.

"Then we decided to tell her dad that we were dating. And I was not any electician guy. I was a freaking businessman."

"So what was your dad's reaction?"

"Jess's dad freaked out literally. I was there when all this happened."

"What were you doing there?" I asked surprised.

"I was the other electician guy" Chris said sheepishly.

"Bro you have to do such things for your best friend, no need to get embarrased."

"Easier for you to say, I was the one who was receiving all the scolding of Jess's dad when I wasnt getting how to repair their AC."

We all laughed at it. We were having such a good time. I felt that I knew these two since very long time. These two were definitely few of the most amazing souls I have ever met in my life.

"Adam what you did what bravest and hilarious at the same time!" I said.

"I can do anything for Jess." He placed a soft kiss on her lips.

"Okay guys get a room!" Chris said.

"Chris!" I said, they are a couple. They are meant to do PDA.

"Should I kiss you too?" Chris asked.


Chris placed tender kiss on my lips. And now it was Adam's chance to tease us.

"Okay guys get a room." Adam said mockingly.

"Fine shut up." Chris replied.

"So Emily, Chris told me your dad will be announcing you as a CEO soon?!" Adam asked.

"Yes. Announcement is next week. It is a business party actually. You guys must be there." I said.

"Ofcourse we will be there. It will be a big day for you." Jess said with excitement all over her face.

"Yeah. I am very excited for it."

After that we chatted for a while before Chris said,"So guys lets call it a night!"

"Yeah man. We have kept Bella with our neighbour. We must leave now."

"Say hi to bella." I said.

"Sure. We had so much fun with you guys. We should definitely do this more often." said Jess.

"Certainly." I said.

We all got up, hugged each other and bid bye.

Chris and I reached his car with our hands interwined. We were standing outside the car, intently looking at each other.

"Chris, I love you."

"I love you too Em." He placed a tendering kiss on my forehead.

"Chris what we have right now, I dont want to ruin it. I dont want to lose you."

"Em what makes you think that you are going to lose me? Did anything happen?" He asked me worriedly.

"Nothing happened. But I am so happy these days. It just feels that what if someone tries to ruin everything. I have never been this happy before you Chris. I just dont want to spoil anything between us."

"Em you are just overthinking. After this amazing date why are you thinking about all this? Look I am here with you, now and forever. I am not going anywhere leaving you and neither I am allowing you to leave me alright?" He said to me calmly.

I nodded.

"Come here you girl." He said and extended his arms.

I quickly went in his arms, my safe place. He hugged me so tightly. I hugged him back with equal force.
Chris soothed me keeping his hands on my hair.

"I love you." He said.

"I trust you." I said and smiled. And he understood what I said.

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