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Decisions. Regrets. Resentment. Longing. Love. Revenge. Jealousy.

Maybe that's what makes us humans and animal at the same time? Because we are the only ones who can really understand, differentiate among these raw impending emotions. Sometimes they are doom, sometimes beginning into new life.

Lucy feared to be knocked down by her past, her decisions and regrets no one knows about. But if she learned one thing from life itself; it's not played by you, rather you play the puppet to its foul play and what is going to happen? No, one phantom its consequences. It's better to let it flow and focus what you can do better; for yourself and others around you. Some decisions turns bad, some just left in past to stay buried and never to be found, maybe for better.

Now Lucy understands that too, better than before, better than ever.

No amount of fear or hope or self talk can help you face the future or intangible events happening; all you can do is wait and just face as the force hits you. These past years many thoughts passed her, many shook her and many changed her but, only thing constant remain were her kids and support of her friends, her family for so many years.

It's good to be reunited with her roots, introducing her past with her kids; place where she grew and lived a better half of her life but, all these left bitter sweet moments and yet another chapter coming to its closure.

"I can't believe it" Antalia and Jed voices reached Lucy before she could see them, something just never changes, do they; like them arguing all the time.

"Well I can't believe it too" Jed agreed too "that how the hell I'm related to you?"

"You should be honoured" Antalia argued back "that you got to share your life with me in it."

"More like terrorised for life" Jed simply stated and soon Lucy could see both of her kids dressed casually strolling toward her and arguing.

"Can you guys not argue for a minute?" Lucy questioned them

"Whats fun in it?" Antalia muttered

"Why didn't you just gave her up?" Jed asked his mother faking desperation in his voice.

"I should have given both you up, when I had chance." Lucy teased them back "now listen to him first and then whatever decision you both make will be respected and no stupid comments" pointed towards Antalia

"Me never" Antalia faking innocence seeing her mothers pointed look at her.

"Watch out for her" Lucy instructed Jed "listen and behave" this was directed towards both of them.

Soon they heard and felt the presence of Dante coming towards them. To finally have the talk to their kids, face to face.

"So are you ready?" Dante asked his kids after greeting Lucy

"Let's go get on with this" Antalia said to no one in particular and slid into back seat of Dante's car.

The men to follow her to the car and soon Dante drove to them towards the place, where no one will disturb them? A place far from prying eyes, in about fifteen minutes they reached a clearing and they followed Dante suite and followed him further into the forest.

"What's your plan?" Antalia "to kill us here or kidnap" she questioned Dante's intentions.

"Just to talk with you guys" Dante imply stated "is that hard to believe?" he further questioned.

"You can't blame us." Jed answered and took a seat on a rock.

"Fair enough" Dante agreed

He never knew talking to his own kids would be this hard. Frankly, no one is to blame then him but, this is hard, harder than he thought, no amount of prep talk could make you strong enough for reality. Dante knew this now, he only have his words to convince them with nothing else.

"I'm not going to ask for apology just like I said to your mother" Dante started "because whatever happened years ago and these past few days can't be just patched up with mere apology. If only I was brave enough all those years ago, we might be a family or on better terms at this. But, still I'm very much thankful of you both giving me a chance to talk to you."

"Because mum asked us too" Antalia quipped from her position from the ground.

"I know" Dante agreed "still I'm thankful. I can't justify my absence from your life nor do I have right to coax you both to take me back. But, I still hope somewhere along in future we might a common ground to talk atleast or I hope you guys let me be part of your life in future not now, I can't ask that. Your mother must have explained about those dreams I had about you guys."

"She has" Jed agreed "explained us in detail actually and it might be possible because of our powers that we inherited might have something to do with it. We don't know for sure but, as kids we did longed for your presence and as every kid we do harbour certain level of resentment towards you. That can't be washed out in one day. It will take time, years too."

"I know" Dante agreed "I can understand. I don't have right to ask for forgiveness but, still as your father all I ask for chance to make the wrongs right. I know believing my words are not easy but, this time I'm sincere and there is no foul play. All I want is to be part of your lives as small as it can be. Not today, not tomorrow but, someday I'll wait. I will wait."

"Your words certainly pull heart strings" Antalia said "but they are hard to believe, true. Still we appreciate you coming clean with your intentions. I know it's hard for you and even harder for us and we appreciate you withdrawing your madness of going to royal court." She shared her thoughts.

"Exactly" Jed agreed with his twin "as of giving you chance let us think it through. It took you years to say this; we deserve time to think it too."

"That's all I'm asking" Dante said "it's hard for me and harder for you guys but, the fear I lived with, the secret that I never shared with anyone is out now. All I want an amicable ground for us to walk on; without resentment, fear and what it's and definitely without any foul play."

"hmmm" Antalia hummed "someday for sure"

"yup" Jed agreed with his twin "someday"

Sometime all you have to do is to bare your soul in front of people who meant most to you? Without fear, all you need is courage; courage to come clean. The satisfaction and sense of belongingness it gives you is nothing compared to any anger; threats, lost hope and resentment. Dante now understand this, it took him a long road to come to this conclusion. People do change, some for love, some for greed, some for longing.

Hope never ends; it only blossoms.

"Life is weird" Antalia share her thought with her twin later that day when both of them were alone sitting in front of their house.

"is it" Jed agreed.

"Its fifth time you agreed on something I said today" Antalia pulled a weird face.

"Well it pains me to accept" Jed stated "but, you saying unusually normal things today."

"I can't believe we are twins" Antalia sigh in defeat "but, still it feels weird"

"About" Jed asked

"Dante's confession" Antalia simply replied

"hmmm" Jed hummed "it does but, at the same time it doesn't. A man's mind is complex, sometimes out of fear they shout and try to stake their claim the only way they know. I know it's hard to digest his sudden change in heart but, at same time we don't have to think about it now or tomorrow. We too waited for years he too can wait. His only shot is hope and how sincere he is, his action will justify not us or anyone." Jed shared his thoughts on their father sudden coming clean stint.

"I think you are right" Antalia agreed "hope never ends, though."

"It only blossoms" Jed completed their saying with a smile.

It's true with passing time hope only blossoms into spring; beautiful, soothing, filled with refreshing rhythm of life with ample of opportunities and galore of happiness. Past is never present and future intangible entity, we all at some point are ticked by our past choices; a tornado uproot us from our footing but, with brave face and courage I heart we can fight every leap of it. A knock from past; not always means demons crawling back, sometimes it means to finally bury them and never look back; to finally embrace the life you wished for; Without resentment, hate, revenge but with love, happiness and calmness of being at peace, with oneself.


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