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The redhead's clothes fled across the room, circling back to the landing spot, her floor.

"Where the- Haha! Right here!"
She greeted at her long lost article of clothing.

"You just saw Gilbert?!"
The raven haired girl said with widen eyes.

"Yep. I swear it's like an event happens everyday."
Anne grumbles throwing a gummy bear in her mouth.

"No kidding, what you need is a break."
The Blondie said stealing some of Diana'a chocolate.

"A break! That's perfect Ruby!"
She points giving the Blondie silent approve.

"Ooo, my aunt Josephine invited me to Charlottetown for the holidays."
Diana said, lying on her blanket.

"WAIT- Are you offering to actually take us??"
The Blondie squealed with joy.

"Yes, Let's go! what do you say Anne?"

"I mean, what do I have to lose, looks like we're taking a road trip."
The redhead spoke, not ready for the next events.

"Do you know how much of a pain in the ass that there are no trains in our area?"
Diana spoke gripping and glaring out onto the highway.

"Yes, I've only heard that for the last 2 hours Di."
The redhead said sarcastically while resting her arm on the passenger seat and listening to music on her headphones to avoid Ruby's outspoken playlist.

"I still can't believe you won't let me sit passenger seat."
The Blondie huffed as she sat back turning up the Volume on Taylor Swift's Cruel Summer.

"This playlist is the reason why Ruby."
Anne said pointing at her phone.

"Just because I have good taste doesn't mean you have to let me die with motion sickness back here."

"Pftt your fine Ruby, I saw you stuff your face with McDonald's at our last stop."
Diana yelled over the music.

"That's what I tell 'em, no rules
In breakable Heaven but
Ooh, whoa oh.. It's a cruel summer
With you-  Sorry had to finish those lyrics, but still, you guys are letting me die!!!"

"Whatever you say Ruby."
Anne says as she giggles at Ruby trying to sing and talk at the same time.


"That's it!! I can't take it!"
The French boy laid back as the other boy tried to confront him.

"Come on Jer, it's not that bad, they're only gone for a couple days."
Moody quietly says thinking of his Ruby's happiness.

"A couple days my ass, I miss Ann- I mean- as Jerry said."
The curly haired boy spoke, back against the wall, comforting Jerry.

After Jerry helped the curly haired boy, they became close, slowly Moody, Jerry and the curly haired boy all became a group after seeing how close the girls they loved were.

"I agree with Moody, we should give them space."
William spoke, the newest member of their group.

"See, someone agrees with me."

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