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The redhead sat on the couch as her brother scrolled through different shows.

"Wait- what about this one!"
She points to the screen.

"Pfttt you have no taste sis, here, watch this instead."
He clicks on a show set in the 1800's.

"What is this? No one would watch a show set in the old in days!! Those are for Grandma's and old ladies."


"Your right Jerry, I apologize to the Old Ladies and Grandma's for dealing with your lazy ass."

"I am not lazy."

"You've been sitting here for 3 days, it's like you haven't moved."

"Pft, just because you can't get on my level of being a couch potato, doesn't mean you have to ATTACK my shows!! Plus how would you know? haven't you been outside like everyday meeting that guy?"

The redhead stops and covers her red face with blankets.

"Shut up, I don't know what your talking about."

"Ooo, so there is a guy..

"Your king!? Wha-''

In a few moments they heard the door bust down, leaving the redhead in a state of concernment, both for her door and Jerry.

The Trinidad king burst through the room, giving it light.

The French boy scurried across the floor to his king.

They established a tight hug before going back to Anne.

"So who's the lucky guy?"
Bash sang as Jerry started to get snacks.

"None of your concern. And are you guys okay?? It seems like you guys do this often?"

"Yes, yes we do!"
Jerry yells as he brings over chips.

"I just- he's so-

"Oh, so we got another one whipped."
Bash remarked as he dug into the chips.

"Another one?? Who else did you talk to- wait did you talk to Gilbert?"

"Pfttttt whaaaaaaat?? Noooo.."
The French boy said after stuffing his face.

"You went over to Bash's... that's literally the only time I've seen you get up."

"Fine! We talk to the moke. He is one idiot."

"Agreed my King."

"This is the weirdest thing I've ever been in... anyways, what did you guys talk about?"

"As ya stated before, none of ya concern"
Bash opened up to a high five, which Jerry reciprocated.

"If you tell you who, will you tell me?"

Jash suddenly hurtled together as if they were on a football team and Shirbert was their goal.


"I like Gilbert. He's cute, and sweet, I never thought a guy who got in trouble a lot would have such a soft heart. And he's been so caring towards me.."
She rambled taking some of the chips.

Jerry and Bash both nodded agreeing for the tea to be spilled.

"The boy is whipped for you, he likes you, he wanted advice from the one and only Jash."


"Don't ask what you don't want to know, anyways, you should ask him out, it's 2020, not time to be stupid."

"Or act like a moke."
Bash added.

"Yeah your right, I just really like him.."
She plots down face in pillow.

"Ya think these idiots will ask each other out?"

"Yeah, maybe in the next couple hundred decades? If not longer."

"Agreed ma skinny legend."

I hope you enjoyed this little special! Sorry it took so long.

Once again, Have a good day!
Stay amazing AND safe!

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