Quick Escape

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Alexis's POV

Before anything else can happen, I hurry up and get out of there. It may be a giant loss of money, but that's not what's important right now. What's important is saving those poor boys from having a lowlife soulmate.

It would be amazing for any other ARMY to be in this situation, but I treasure them too much to condemn them to a life with me. I want them to be able to love anyone they want. It would be unfair for the three of them to have to share one girl when they deserve so much more. Even though I would love to live my life with them, they probably wouldn't want the same. They are loved by millions around the world, and steadily gaining more fame by the hour. Why would they want one average girl to ruin that for them?

These negative thoughts swirl in my mind and block any doubts I had about leaving. I take out the card and call the only person I can think of right now. 

I walk for a few minutes before he shows up. The taxi pulls up next to me, and I get in the back seat. "Long time no see. How was the concert?" Woon-Hyuk asks as he turns around in the front seat, facing me.

I don't know why he was the first person I called. Maybe it's because he's a taxi driver. Maybe it's because he has experience with having a soulmate. Maybe it's because I barely know him.

"Sir, I need help," I plead. His eyes crinkle when he sees my worry.

"What's wrong, miss?" He inquires.

"I need to leave. Fast." My voice is low, "Can you take me back to the hotel?"

He turns around and starts driving, but keeps up the conversation. "Did something happen at the concert?" He looks at me in the mirror every few seconds. I nod, finally relaxing as I watch the stadium get farther away. He presses further, "Did someone do something to you?" His tone sounds a little angry.

I quickly meet his eyes at what he implies. Slightly smiling, I answer. "No, no one did anything to me..." His concern comforts me. Even though Woon-Hyuk knows nothing about me, he still cares about me, if only a little bit.

"But..." He adds. I sigh, I don't know if it is okay to tell him, but part of me trusts that he can keep the secret. 

Besides, I called him for a reason. I want his advice. I want someone to tell me what I should do and if I'm doing the right thing. "I met my soulmates."


I nod, "Three." His eyes widen. For a few seconds, he doesn't answer and I consider giving up on asking for advice. Then he bursts out laughing.

"Wow, what a troublemaker, three soulmates! That's going to be an adventure." He laughs out.

I get annoyed. "It's not funny, why are you laughing?" I pout. 

He hears me and speaks after his laughter dies down, "I'm sorry. I was just imagining myself with three Yunas. I think my heart would explode."

"Your wife?"

"Yep. I love her so much, that I don't know how I would survive if there were three more of her. She takes up all of my heart and my mind." He explains. "I guess you're going to have to tell me how it goes having three soulmates." He lifts an eyebrow, still focusing in the road.

"Me? No, I can't." I quickly deny.

"Why not?" I asks as if my situation is simple. I proceed to tell him what happened at the concert. He listens whole-heartedly without interuppting.

"So that's why you are running away? Because they are idols?" He sounds confused.

"They are extremely popular and well-known idols. If word got out that they have a soulmate, then they might lose that." I try to defend myself. Why does he not understand this?

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