Chapter 55

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"You give me the type of feeling, people wrote novel about."

Author's p.o.v

Every one was sitting in launch at Zara' s home.

Her mother had called everyone for launch because she wanted to share a news with them.

Beejan was also there.

"The news I wanted to share with you all is that me and Mohsin wants Sara's ruksati."
Zara 's mom  said looking at her husband while everyone went silent.

"Look beejan a month ago no one knew that Rizwan bhai will die this early. He was my hisbamds chilfhood friend. Life is so unpredictable. We can't know what tomorrow brings.
So we both wanted to see our daughter settled and happy in front of our eyes in our lives. I hope you will understand me."

Beejan exchanged looks with Rehab and Yusha and then smiled.

"Riffat you are worrying your self without any reason. You could have told us earlier. Zara is our daughter too. We also want her in house as well as soon as possible.  Even I am thinking to have Ramza's ruksati with Zara as well. "

She said looking at Ramza's mom who smiled.

"There is nothing more good we can hear today."
Ramza's mom stated.

"So let's decide the dates for functions ."
Beejan said.

All elders sat and decided date for ruksati which was after 10 from now.

Youngsters went outside while teasing each Other.

"Let's go for ice cream. What say??"
Tooba exclaimed.

"What a good idea. Let's go!!"
Saim said.

Every one exclaimed.

"What's happening here??"
Zaroon, who went to have an important call said while coming towards them.

"We are going for ice cream."
Yusha said.

"Hmm!! Well ok today's ice cream is from my side for all of you."
Zaroon said thinking.

"Wha t??"
They all shouted simultaneously.

"Easy man easy!!"
Zaroon said putting his hands on ears.

"How can we be easy when YOU!! Zaroon Khan, the king of misers are offering us ALL free ice cream."
Haider said dramatically.

"Well there is a reason behind it. I have a good news for you all."
Zaroon said twisting brows and looking at Neha from corners of his eyes.

" You are pregnant?"
Haider said making them all shout.

"Wha t the hell is this?"
Zaroon glared at Haider .

"Oh sorry sorry. I forgot you can't be pregnant. "
Haider said as soon as he realized his mistake.

Everyone was laughing heavily by now at Zaroon's reaction.

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