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"What would you do if she ever gets back to him....?"

Sitting on the stool near the bar, Jungkook traced the tip of the glass, his mind occupied with her thoughts.

"Why would she go back to him....?"

Jungkook questioned back in answer to Jimin, anger spitting in his voice.

"He is the biological father of Jeongwu...... don't forget....!"

He reminded him of something which he never wanted to hear in his life.

"I don't care....."

Jungkook scoffed, gulping down the drink in one single go.

"It doesn't change anything still...."

This time Taehyung spoke, as the three friends enjoyed their leisure time in the club.

"I am here to get a break from my tangled thoughts.....if not anything, then atleast don't make me feel more horrible...."

Jungkook spoke up, filling his glass again.

"Also, even if her ex boyfriend, that egghead, ever shows up, I am not letting him take them away from me....."

He said, a little later, gripping the glass tightly.

"What will you even do if they decide to go with him....? You never know, she might still love him....!"

Jimin said and only if looks could kill, then Jimin would have been a dead meat by now.

"Glaring him won't change the fact kook...."

Taehyung placed his palm on his shoulder and Jungkook sighed away, closing his eyes. He felt like his head would burst out with her thoughts.

"What shall I do then Hyung....?!"

His defeated voice rang in their ears and they felt pity towards the younger one. The very first time he fell in love and this is how it is turning out. He definitely didn't deserve this...!

"Why did you even fell in love with someone who could never be yours Jungkookie....?"

Jimin sigh, patting his head and Jungkook could feel small tears forming on his eyes.

He really loved her a lot. He loved Jeongwu a lot. Even the thought of them both, not being a part of his life was shaking him up.

"I need to go...."

Jungkook said, quickly taking a leave, as he definitely didn't wanted to cry in front of his hyungs.

Jungkook's POV :-

I sat in my car, sighing out loud. The dizziness of the alcohol I had, the noise of people from the club and her thoughts clogged in my mind, was already making my head spin. I couldn't think properly.

I started my car to reach home, instead, I found myself, pulling up at her apartment. My heart was paining more than my head and I came to her to heal my heart, the one who is causing the pain because I knew, only she can heal it, infact without doing anything.

How can someone be the reason of my pain and cure at the same time?

I impatiently rang the doorbell, trying to balance myself, but I couldn't even stand properly by then. The alcohol I had earlier was making me feel so dizzy by now.

"Mr. Jeon...."

I heard her sweet vocals and I raised my head, which was by now resting on my left arm, balanced by the side wall.

"Are you fine....?"

She asked. Her face dripping with worries.


I answered honestly, still standing outside, when she softly pulled me in.


I didn't let her complete and swirled her around, pinning her to the door, which she closed behind us.

"Mr. Jeon...."

She was taken aback with my small action and looked at me, anxious of my next move.

I placed my hands on either sides of her head, looking deep into her eyes, which reflected care and concern for me. Her lips could lie but not her eyes.

"You are mine....!"

I finally voiced my inner feelings and thoughts which was running in my head since god knows when.

"Uh....! Mhmm.... Jung-Jungkook....."

She couldn't complete again as this time I stopped her from speaking as I placed my lips on her, taking her in a fervent kiss.

I couldn't held myself anymore. Placing my hands on her waist, I pulled her close, her hands resting on my chest, eyes wide open.

She didn't even react for sometime standing still in my embrace, when I saw her close her eyes, slowly, giving into it.

I slid one hand, from her waist, all the way to her face, stroking it lightly. My thumb caressed her cheek, cupping it and then placed my hand on the back of her neck, pulling her more close. She clutched my shirt tightly, as I deepened the kiss, instead of leaving her. I poured all my feelings in that one kiss.

I wanted her. I needed her. Only her and no one else.

Why can't she feel the love I have for her...?

After a while, I saw her pulling the collar of my shirt, indicating that she was out of breathe.

Unwillingly, I left her and she panted heavily, gasping for air. She was still in my arms, taking short breathes, eyes closed tight.

"You are mine.....! Only mine....!"

I said again, this time cupping both the sides of her face and resting my forehead on hers. My breathes were uneven too.

"Jeongwu is mine...! No one can take him away from me....!"

I shook my head and she placed her palms over mine. She looked at me, our foreheads still joined, breathings uneven.

"Jungkook......calm down...."

She said, as her skin felt unusually warm under my touch.

"You both belong to me....!"

My insecurities were eating me up and they got the best of my uncertain emotions. I ignored whatever she said and continued my rants.

She needs to know whom she and Jeongwu belongs to.

Again placing my hands on her waist, I moved my head, dipping down into her neck. Her sweet fragrance was calming me down. It was so unbelievably peaceful that I forget all my pains and worries in that single moment.

I snuggled close to her, my face completely buried in the crook of her neck. She was holding my arms, breathing slowly.

I heard her call my name a several times before my eyes felt heavy and everything around me blackened, making me slip into a deep slumber.


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