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Jungkook's POV:-

Scrunching my nose, I crooked my brows as the morning sun rays made me stir in sleep. As I flapped my eyes to open them, a sharp pain made me hold my head in between my palms and I automatically closed my eyes again.


I groaned a little but heard few giggles coming from my adjacent side.
Who was in my room at this moment...? Turning towards the coming side, I saw Jeongwu...?! I creased my forehead in confusion. What was he doing in my room?

Jeongwu was awake, playing in his cradle, looking at me and then I moved my eyes around my surrounding to realise that I wasn't in my room. I was at her place, in her bedroom, sleeping in her bed. Heck! How did I even reached here?

Jeongwu giggled again, sucking his thumb and a small smile formed on my lips involuntarily. I walked up to him, carrying him in my arms and removed his thumb from his mouth.

"Bad habits...!"

I playfully glared him, but all I could hear again was his giggles.



I murmured under my breathe, as I remembered every single thing which happened yesterday night. I forcefully kissed her..! Shit...! Even if there were slight chances of us being together, I destroyed it myself. Now, she will never forgive me.

I saw her as she continued doing her house chores and then bought me a mug of coffee.

"I hope you are not having a severe headache anymore...."

She said and I shook my head, taking a sip from the mug.

"Umm.... about what happened yesterday....I-"

"Let's not talk about it Mr.Jeon...."

She cut me off in the middle, her face stern.


"I know it was just a mistake and I guess it would be best if we both forget it...."

She interrupted me again.She was about to go when I grabbed her wrist, making her stop in midway.

" Do you think I am a joke to you...?"

I was frustrated. Pulling her close, I made her stand face to face with me.

"It wasn't a mistake for me...."

I said and she looked at me, her eyes speaking a lot but her lips were sealed.

How can she call the most beautiful moment of my life a mistake...? Yes, i might be drunk when I kissed her but I don't regret it a bit. I can cherish that moment all my life without any single thoughts.

"And if it was a mistake to you...."

I continued saying and pulled her more close, hardly leaving any space between us. Moving close to her ears, I let my hot breathes fan her neck.

"......why didn't you push me away...?"

I left her, taking a step back.

She was dumbfounded by now. Not knowing what to reply, she fiddled with her fingers, looking down. She was nervous. Her breathes were getting heavier and she looked here and there, avoiding any kind of eye contact with me. I loved to see her like that.

How can you love every single state of someone...? Is it possible to be so much in love...?

"You really called something a mistake which means so much to me..."

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