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Your POV :-

Since the day, Jungkook walked out of my apartment, I didn't see him nor heard from him properly. It has been more than two weeks, he kept himself away from us. Neither he talked to me, nor he ever came to my apartment to see Jeongwu.

He really left us alone.

I don't know why it was hurting so much when he was being so ignorant.
When I didn't get to see him, his bunny smile.
When I didn't hear his silly little talks.
When I didn't see him playing with Jeongwu so adorably, the way he did.

It was me who told him to go away, but the way I regretted it the most. Am I really in love with him? I smiled a little as his thoughts engulfed my head. But soon my smile dropped remembering his pain stricken face, when I told him to leave us alone.

I ruined my happiness with my own hands. But still, even if I loved him, I just cannot let him be struck with me in this. I cannot drag him into my messed up life. I didn't want to burden him with a child, who is not even his.

"Jeongwu eat it baby....!"

I tried for the umpteenth time to feed him, but it all went in vain. He threw everything that I was putting in his mouth. He would just spit it out and not take anything in.

"Baby stop long will you cry...?"

I tried all possible ways to calm him down, only if he would listen to me. I was busy feeding him, when my phone started ringing. It was him, Jungkook.

After almost two weeks, he was calling me. A small smile appeared on my lips as I hurriedly picked his call up, holding Jeongwu in my arms.

"Miss Lee Y/N....I think you are forgetting that this is your office hours and I don't like to see my employees arriving late...!"

He literally yelled from the other side and I gulped a little.

I was running late for office because of Jeongwu. He wasn't eating or sleeping properly, having time to time fever.


I was about to say something when Jeongwu started crying out, making loud noises.

" calm down....mumma is talking baby..."

I tried to make him stop from crying. Only if he would stop.

"Jeongwu....! Why is he crying? Y/N...?"

I heard Jungkook's panicked voice from the other side of the phone. He was actually sounding worried.

"I don't know....he just keeps on crying...I couldn't calm him down..."

I said, sounding absolutely helpless. But, I never got a reply from the other side as the line went dead.

Jungkook's POV :-

I was so pissed off of her. I was really not going to see her. She told me to stay away from them right? Then I will stay away...!

But whom am I kidding to..? How long can I avoid them? I love them too much to let them go and I knew that I would give up on staying away from them soon.

Still, I tried ignoring her for whole two weeks. I didn't ever spared a glance at her. Also, I didn't meet Jeongwu for these weeks. It was so difficult. I was literally suffocating without getting to meet him. He was little happy pill.

Only if his mother wasn't so adamant...!

I actually lost my patience after two weeks, when I saw that she was not even in the office on time. Getting an opportunity to scold her and also talk to her at the same time, I finally dialled her number. But, what I heard made my heart break.

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