XXXVIII. Facing a God

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Lena and Kai carried Dai and Janice up into the air, relatively high.
Dai felt his feet dangling as Lena hoisted him up, and he cautiously looked downward.
"Oh, screw this..." he said in a shaky voice.
"You telling me you're afraid of heights now?" Lena asked.
"No, no... I'm fine, we need to help The Heat..." Dai replied, still shaky.
"I should have known this would happen," Kai sighed, "The way you're carrying him probably isn't helping."
"Well, what do you want me to do?" Lena snarked.
"All of you shut the hell up," Janice snapped, "Look!"

Up ahead, Ryū and The Bolt were exchanging ranged attacks of fireballs and lightning bolts, flying around to avoid the other's. Bolt stayed in the air by teleporting up in the air constantly, using the same teleportation to avoid Ryū's attacks. Ryū kept throwing fireballs, when he noticed the four young Gifted approaching.

"What are you doing up here?!" he bellowed.
"To help!" Lena shouted.
"You can't help here!" Ryū shouted back, just as a large lightning bolt struck him square in the chest, making him lose consciousness. He fell back down towards Elfen Island, and The Bolt noticed the teens. He then flicked his wrist, and lightning bolts came down on all five of them.

They were transported to the beach, somewhat close to New Haven. The four fell to the ground, bewildered.
"It's official," Dai gulped as he landed on all fours, "I hate teleporting if I'm not the one doing it."
Lena groaned as she sat on the sand, and looked around. This was the same spot where the party took place months ago.

"Everyone alright?" Kai asked.
"Yeah..." Janice grumbled.
"Wait... is Ryū...?" Dai asked.
"Not sure," Lena replied.
"Why did The Bolt—" Janice started.
"Also not sure," Lena interjected.
A loud booming sound could be heard over at New Haven in the distance, it catching the four's attention.
"New Haven..." Kai said.
"We should get over there," Dai said.
"Yes," Lena agreed.

The three then began hurrying over, Janice looking on.
"Are we seriously going to forget that the freaking thunder god teleported us here???" Janice asked, "Ugh."
She hurried off after them, not noticing The Bolt standing far off, watching.


Melany and Aria were using their Gifts to throw lightning Gifted into ice Gifted's line of fire. Water whips and vine whips swung around, grabbing the possessed Gifted, and tossing them over towards Jack North and the other ice Gifted present, freezing them.
Luke and Raina used their Gifts to fend off other lightning Gifted, holding them back.

"Look!" Luke shouted, spotting the twins, Lena, and Janice running over.
Lena immediately sent a big wave of water over to a small group of lightning Gifted, sweeping them away. Kai flew upwards and carpet bombed another group with fireballs. Dai and Janice fired ice beams at a few others, freezing them solid.

Luke ran over and joined Dai, raising rock walls around them to grant them cover.
"How nice of you to join us," he cooed.
"Shut up and fight," Dai retorted, resisting the urge to smile.
Luke just laughed, "For real, though, we needed more ice Gifted to hold these guys. They don't seem to wanna break free."
"So we learned," Dai replied, "Hopefully, it'll be enough for a while."
"Did you find Jace?" Luke asked.
"Frozen," Dai replied curtly, "He'll be fine."
Luke sighed, "I hope so."
"Less talking, more hitting," Raina said as she went by, firing blasts of fire around her.

Just then, a bolt of lightning came crashing down, and The Bolt stood in the courtyard, observing.
He raised an arm, and several lightning bolts came down in a flash, quickly zapping each non-lightning Gifted. The surge was great, though, causing all who were hit to fall over, feeling suddenly numb.
Bolt then flicked his wrist, and all of the frozen lightning Gifted in the vicinity broke free, and all together, they surrounded the fallen fighters.

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