Chapter 25: the one with the announcement

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Emily's P.O.V

Today was my big day. I was going to be the CEO of our company. More than me my parents were excited. They were so looking forward for it. Tonight was the event. Chris, Adam, Jess and Lexi all were gonna come.
Lately Chris and I were both busy in our work so couldn't meet but we used to facetime each other.

I wore maroon dress with a halter neckline. It was simple yet elegant dress for the party.

Today I was going with my parents so I would meet Chris directly at the party

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Today I was going with my parents so I would meet Chris directly at the party. And there was no prize to guess that he would look dashing.

My parents and I reached the venue. As usual there were hundreds of reporter. You know till now I am not used to these camera guys. They are so excited about there jobs!

Well but we have to pose for few and we did. After that we went inside. The hall was so huge. There were chandeliers hanging. So many lights, tables, people talking, inshort it was crowded. But I liked that so many people have come for my big day.

My eyes automatically began searching for my man. He must be with Adam and Jess.

There at one table I spotted Jess standing alone. I excused myself from my parents and went towards her.

"Hey Jess!"

"Hey Emily! You look lovely.!" She said while hugging me.

"Thank you. You look gorgeous too."

"Oh thanks."

"So where are the guys?"

"Adam and Chris  went to get some drinks. They will be here soon."

"Thats great." I smiled.

"Well how are you feeling? You must be so excited. You know in high school
when I was going to become the head council, I was so excited. But here you are becoming a freaking CEO!!"

I laughed, " I am very excited for this. I have always dreamt of becoming a CEO. And today the dream is coming true. So I am really happy."

"You have worked hard. You deserve it honey." Jess said.

Adam and Chris came with the drinks.

"Em you look so beautiful!" Chris said and gave a kiss on my cheek.

"Thank you so much."

"Hey Emily."

"Hey Adam."

"So when is it going to be announced?" Chris asked.

"It will be in a few minutes. Dad will be doing that. Then I am going to give a speech. After that there will be dance, dinner and party over." I said in one breath.

"Calm down Em! You are nervous right?" Chris asked.

"Yes I am. So many people are there. I just want to be right for everyone."

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