Chapter 56

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Happy reading beautifuls....

"My sky yearns for your Earth.."

Author's p.o.v

Whole khan villa was decorated like a bride.

Zara and Ramza were sitting in between on a decorated Sofa with girls applying mehndi on their both hands.

Mehndo songs were busting the house.

Golden lights were making everything look more hyonotising.

Some girls were dancing in centre.

It was a female function. No male was allowed in here in launch.

Rehab along with his gang of brats was staying in Tooba's parents house.

Everyone was looking same beautiful.

Tooba was wearing white garara with sleeveless shirt. No male was gonna be here so she wore it cause it was her favourite dress but she never got the chance to wear it.

Beautiful golden and white ear rings were dangling in her ears.

As always only she was the  only one left without  mehndi.

(Tooba's dress)

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(Tooba's dress)

Mehndi function had almost finished and now everyone went to have dinner which was set in garden.

Rehab's p.o.v

"Yarrr!! I am missing my wife!"
Rehab groaned throwing cushion on floor.

"Remember one thing that you are at bhabhi's mom's house and she will rip your head off if you destroy her launch."
Zaroon said smirking.

"Oh yeah right!"
Rehab quickly took cushion back from floor.

"If you are missing your wife this much then why don't you go and meet her?"
Asfandyar said.

"Yeah let's go and meet them!"
Yusha exclaimed excitedly.

After debating for a long time finally it was decided that they will go from backside to meet their wives.

"But how will they get to know that we are coming?"
Saim said thinking and earning a smack on his head by HAIDER.

"Such a dumb you are! In which era you are living sweetheart? There is device called mobile through which you can call her and inform her about your boring arrival."
Haider said dramatically earning a smack from Rehab.

"But our wives won't be having their phones with them I can get on it."
Rehab said seriously.

"What to do then?"
Yusha said.

"Lets call Neha and ask her to give their phones to them."
Zaroon said and Haider smirked looking at him.

"Good Idea!!"
With that said Saim dialled Neha 's number.

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