Chopsticks are the devil

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Alois POV

           "Sir are you okay in there ?" The store clerk asked as she knocked on the door. I looked at Rays now pale face and couldn't help but crack a laugh. 

 I took this opportunity to tease her more rubbing small circles on her center. "Go ahead Angel, Answer the kind lady shes worried about you ."

 Rayna however was to busy shaking to answer So I took the liberty to do it . 

"Yes , Were fine ." I respond back to her. 

I really wanted to use my alpha voice on her to have her leave us be as we were having a bit of fun ,I mentally groaned in annoyance " But We shouldn't do that , as much as I'd love to break in our mate." I interrupted Kaden who was almost more excited then me

 "Kade you shouldn't say that , with how much she's been through..I don't know if she'll ever be up for it . I still don't even feel comfortable bringing up sex to her " And I was telling the truth , I don't want her to feel pressured or rushed and I know she's not ready.
I can feel Kade retreat since he knows I'm right.

  " so your just going to hide what you're into from her?" I was about to respond when I felt a blushing Rayna pull me out of the dressing room. I quickly paid for our clothes and looked at her to see if she wanted the dress or not. I'd love to see her in it but if she's not comfortable enough to be in it I won't force her , I just want to keep her happy. I begin to put the dress back when she takes it out of my hand and hands it to the clerk. "This too please." She says , a new found confidence in her voice

  Though it did crack at the end I think to myself 

I smile at her before paying for our clothes and leaving the store. At the point we have like 7 bags filled to the brim with clothing. "Raynaaaaa I'm hungry let's go get food" I whine making her redirect her attention to me . I wonder what she was looking at ? I follow the line of her previous gaze seeing a small opal necklace with a crescent moon pendant on it . It was honestly beautiful but With how hungry I am I probably wouldn't have noticed . I look to see the price of it $1,987.00 , that's not that high I think to myself . But she'd never let me buy something that costs that much for her , it took 1 and 1/2 an hour to convince her to let me buy her clothes . 

Whens her birthday again?

November 19th 

The same day the vasílissa was born  thats in about 20 days

"Ray , could you get us something to eat ?" I ask hoping she won't get suspicious. She scrunches her nose like she always does when she's confused but nods " What do you want?" She responds grabbing her wallet out of one of the bags . I was about to tel her to take my card when I saw the death glare she threw me as I was reaching for it making me instantly retract my hand . "I want Asian food , if they have orange chicken and Lo Mein that works, and if you get drinks I just want a strawberry Fanta." I say and she smiles running off towards the food court . I wait until she's completely out of view before I dart into the store .

 Immediately all the customers bowed in respect . I wave before a store attendant and member of the Crystal Lakes Pack approaches me . "Hello Alpha Black, what brings you here today?" 

"There's a necklace in the window I'd like to purchase , it's the one with the crescent moon on it." She smiles nodding before going to get the necklace . She comes back with it bringing it to the shop register . "If you don't mind me asking, have your found your Luna sir ?" She asks placing the necklace in a small velvet box . I smile thinking about my beautiful girl . Her curly brown hair  that pairs perfectly with her warm brown skin , her golden brown eyes that made me weak with every look. Her smile that gave me the energy to run across the country no break . "Yes I Have." I say softly causing the whole shop to erupt into awes and cheers .  "If possible Id like to have something etched on the back ." Her attention completely on me  " My one and true love , R.I.A " I say thinking to myself . I really wanted to have the B instead because when everything settles down and time passes I do intend to marry her . But then her initials would be "rib" and I'd prefer not to think about food right now. In que my stomach growled making me groan. The store clerk laughed before ringing it up.

" Your necklace will be ready by tomorrow but you can call at any time to come and pick it up." She says smiling . I nod and pay for it grabbing the reciept and running to the food court to meet Rayna who seemed to be struggling to carry two large trays of food . I laugh softly before quickly grabbing the trays from her hands. 

"Here , you can hold the drinks." I say as she leads us to a table she picked out next to the windows. We both open our trays and I've never been so happy to see food before . My fist went into the air and I yelled " WOOOOO" making almost everyone turn to  us in confusion as Rayna bust out laughing.  

     Her smile was contagious and I couldn't help but find myself smiling alongside her. My only thought being I want this to last forever . But I knew it couldn't. We have a war coming up as the tensions between the Union Rebels and all supernaturals has been getting worse . 

       Recently the mate of  the Fairy King was kidnapped by someone seemingly affiliated with the vampires of the union rebels. As Celestial Guardians , me , Alex, Demetri,Jax, and Louis needed to find the vasílissa along with the last member of the celestial guards but frankly we didn't even know where to begin looking, then there's Rayna , she hasn't even been giving the chance at any normalcy . I'm worried about her. 

She's fainted at least twice since the incident and this time one of my pack warriors found her in the woods . 

He said she smelt strongly of me though me being gone for hours and a slight rot to the smell . I needed to know what she was doing in the middle of the woods and why she was so hot that they couldn't even carry her properly without being burned .  

I picked a piece of chicken and noodle up with my chopsticks placing it in my mouth . As I felt eyes staring at my hand . " how did you do that?" Rayna asks me as she stares at my hand in amazement. Does she mean the chopsticks ?" You've never used chopsticks before ?" I ask making her glare at the wooden utensils I was holding .

 " I have but I could never get them to cooperate with me . The food would always fall and it took forever for me to get it on in the first place." I chuckle before handing her the sticks. 

"Here let me teach you ." I place them in her hand in the way they need to be to pick up the food and she stares at the food intently clearly focused on picking it up . She tries once and it falls her glare becoming more straight. She tries again and the food almost makes it to her mouth before falling on her dress making me hold back a laugh . 

" Forget it I'm done! This is impossible, keep your boujee utensils I'm going to stick to my fork ." She grumbles stabbing at her chicken . I roll my eyes trying not to laugh before picking a piece of food off my plate  with the chopsticks and feeding it to her . She chews and swallows it  before looking at her plate then at me then at her plate again as if deciding if she was willing to share her food or not  which she didn't have to but I'm assuming it was the first because she picked a piece of broccoli off her plate before feeding it to me . " Here you need the vegetables so you can grow up big and strong just like me ." She says flexing her arm "muscle"  I almost choked on my broccoli 

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