Chapter 26: the one with the accident

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Chris P.O.V

It was the first time I was bored of my work. It never happens really. I was waiting for Emily at my office for lunch. Where was she? So I called her.

She picked up at the second ring.

"Hey Em. Where are you?"

"I am just two blocks away Chris. I will be there in 5. Btw can you order lunch. I am hell hungry." She laughed.

"What do you want to eat ?"

"I want......... Aaaaaaaa...goddddd..Chris!!"

I panicked what the hell happened?!

"Emily!! Em! Sweetheart what happened?"

There was silence on the other side. Then suddenly I heard lots of people murmuring, gathering. Then a guy spoke on the other side.

"Sir the lady on the phone has met with an accident. We are taking her to Lenox Hill  Hospital."

"Ok ok I am coming."

I slumped in my chair. Emily my love. Oh my god. Nothing can happen to her. Oh god why her? I am coming Em. I am comimg. I quickly called her parents. I called Adam too. I needed him.

I ran towards my car. I drove at maximum speed I could. I reached the hospital. I asked the receptionist. She told me to go to 5th floor. I reached there. There was a nurse outside the OT.

"Excuse me?"

"Yes sir?"

"I am here for Emily Collins. S-she met with an accident."

"Yes. She is in the OT. May I ask who are you to Ms. Collins?"

"I am her boyfriend. What is going on?"

"Well for now, doctors are operating. There was a head injury. Apparantly there was quite a blood loss. You need to wait till operation gets over."

"Thank you. Please make her alright. I beg you."

"We are trying our best sir."

Then she went inside.

I sat down. I started remembering our good moments with each other, her teasing me, her smile, her laugh. God why her? She is so pure. Please make her alright. I cant lose her.

Just then Anna came running towards me. I forgot for a moment that she is interning with this hospital, she must have come to know. She was crying miserably. I can definitely understand her mind right now.

"Anna!" I hugged her to make her feel little better.

"Chris, Em is in there. Oh god!" She kept crying.

"Anna stop crying please. Emily wont like you to see crying, will she? You have to be strong. Your parents must be coming in few minutes. You need to be strong for them. Stop crying Anna!" I said to her.

"Yes you are right. Em wont like seeing me cry." She wiped away her tears.

"Sit down. Relax." I said to her.

Just then Emily's parents and Adam came at the same time.

"Chris, where is my daughter?" Olivia, Em's mother asked.

"She is in the OT. There was a head injury. And she has lost blood." I spoke.

"Jesus. Please make my daughter alright." Olivia started praying.

"Mr. Collins." I said.

"Chris. Thank you for being here." He said while patting my shoulder.

I could know that he was having hard time watching all this. But he was trying to be strong for his family.

"Adam!" I hugged him.

"Chris, are you okay?" He asked.

"I am okay. I just cant lose her, Adam." I said while my head hung low.

"Dont worry. She will be alright. And within few weeks we will start discussing about your marriage." He tried to make me laugh. And he partially succeeded as I smiled.

Doctors came out. They didnt have any smile on their faces. Shit. What has happened?

"Operation is over. Emily is unconscious. She may or may not regain consciousness in about 24 hours. After that only we will know whether she remembers everything or she has amnesia. But these 24 hours are very crucial for her. We have shifted her in room. Only one person can meet her at a time. And that too for just half and hour. After that visiting hours are over."

"Thank you so much doctor for saving our daughters life." Anthony said.

Doctor nodded and left.

I thought her parents should go in first, so I motioned them to go inside. They nodded and went to see her one by one. When they came out, I told them to go home and take some rest. Her mom was resistant at first but her dad took her with him.

I went in the room. There lied my Em. My love. So many tubes were attached to her. There was a head injury. She looked so fragile. My god.

I sat down beside her. She was asleep. She couldnt hear me but I was going to speak her. I cant control myself.

"Emily, sweetheart. I am here, your Chris is here. You are going to wake up very soon okay? I cant live without you Em. Speak to me. Say something. I miss your voice. I miss your smile. I miss your laugh. Sweetheart I love you so much. I am sorry I was not there to protect you Em. I promised you that I will be there to protect you but I wasnt there. Please wake up baby. You have to wake up for me, your family. Please wake up." I kept my head on her hand while I started sobbing.

I dont know for how much time I was like this, but doctor came and told me to wait outside.

Jesus, please wake my Emily!!

With that thought I drifted of to sleep.

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