Chapter 59

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"One thing you can't hide is when you are rippled inside."

Author's p.o.v

After a long time they all were gathered togather on dinning table for breakfast but still it was killing everyone looking at empty chairs of Zaroon and Neha.

Saim was sipping his tea when his phone rang.

Everyone stopped and looked at him who put receiver on saying it's Neha's call.

" Assalam o alikum Neha!! How's Zaroon?"
He asked.

"Saim!! Zaroon got out of coma!!! He opened his eyes."
Neha' s cheerful yet teary voice beamed from other side.

"ALHAMDULILLAH!! We are coming."
With that said he disconnected the call.

"What happened?"
Haider asked getting tensed.

" Zaroon got his conscious back."

"Lets go to hospital Then!!"
Tooba said and they all stood up.


"Zaroon do you remember me? I am Saim? Your buddy?"
Saim said pointing dramatically at his chest.

"Shut up!! You guys are annoying the hell out of me. Just go now. I want some rest."
Zaroon said and they all after greeting him went outside.

Neha also went out.

Zaroon was alone in his room thinking about the events which occured 3 weeks ago and a lone tear slipped down his cheek remembering Haider.

"He didn't even come to meet me."
He said to himself and numerous tears started shinning in his eyes.

He heard door opening and quickly wiped his face thinking that it must be Neha.

He heard door locking and raised his head and again tears started beaming in his eyes.

A whimper left Haider's mouth and without another thought he rushed towards him and engulfed him in a bear hug and burst into tears.

"I am..sorry.. I am sorry....!! Please forgive me... sorry..!!!"
He was repeating this line again and again.

Zaroon who was controlling his tears since while , started shedding them now. It had became difficult for him to bear all this sadness and grieve.

"I forgave you..!!"
After staying their for Allah knows how much time Zaroon spoke.

Haider pulled back and caressed Zaroon's hair.

"Thank you!!"
He said smiling.

"But you hurt my wounds!!"
Zaroon pouted.

"Aww my baby!!"
Haider pinched his cheek.

"Don't you think you are behaving way too much lovey dovey?"
Zaroon raised brow at him.

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